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About SkyCandy - Sunset Forecast App

SkyCandy is a Sunrise and Sunset forecast app that uses your local weather forecast to predict if the sky will be beautiful and colorful at that magical time, or boring and dull.

SkyCandy is great for photographers, or anyone that wants to skip boring sunsets and see only the beautiful ones. There's also many more exciting features in SkyCandy! See the below list for all of the key features:

► Quality Predictions
SkyCandy uses a hyperlocal forecast to predict the chance of a beautiful Sunrise or Sunset based on known weather conditions that favor a beautiful sky at that magical time. Keep in mind that a high score (such as 80%) means that there is a very strong possibility Sunset will be beautiful, but it not a guarantee. The reverse is also true.

► Sun Direction Tool
Using the Sun Direction Tool, drop a pin anywhere on the map to know exactly which direction the Sun will be at any time, any date, and any location. Great for photographers that are scouting a photo shoot location and want to know what direction the Sun will be in when they are taking photos.

► Daylight Phases and Times
Get the exact times for Sunrise, Sunset, Golden Hour, Blue Hour, and more!

► Multiple Locations*
With the premium subscription, SkyCandy can be setup to check the Sunrise and Sunset quality at multiple locations you save to a list, as well as multiple dates and events!

► Today Widget*
Enable a today widget that shows your quality score, time of sunset, and live countdown timer until sunset.

► Alerts & Notifications*
Configure automatic alerts and notifications for when the Sunrise and Sunset is going to be high quality at your location.

► More than 50 tips, tricks, and facts
SkyCandy comes with more than 50 tips, tricks, and facts that will help you take your Sunset photography to the next level. Tips are displayed automatically in-app but can be disabled in app settings.

► Community Gallery
See real sunset photos posted by other users of SkyCandy.

► Sunrise and Sunset Countdown Timers
Know exactly how much time is left until your next Sunrise or Sunset occurs.

► In-app Support System
Having issues using the app, or can't seem to find something? Just check out the in-app FAQ and knowledge base, or contact us in-app for tech support.

► And Many More Tools!
Many more useful weather, Sunrise, and Sunset tools are also included. Some of the tools and features listed above require a premium subscription. Premium subscription is $2.99 monthly or $29.99 annually ($5+ savings for annual) and can be purchased in-app. That's less than the price of one cheeseburger every month! And unlike the cheeseburger, this is healthy for you and useful! Each subscription help us to continue app development and make the app even better.

Got an idea to make the app even better, or is the app missing a tool that you would like to see implemented? No problem, just contact us using the in-app support and we can add it!

APIs used:
Dark Sky
Sunburst by SunsetWx

* Indicates that premium subscription is required for this feature.

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Very accurate and easy to use!
beachie beach
Great app!
Yael Holtzman
I have the free version and I would say its pretty accurate. I live in the woods so I also have to keep an eye out through the trees and take a drive but I pay more attention to the sky when it gives a good ...
Kathy Samson