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About OvernightRVParking

Search the web's largest database of free overnight RV parking locations in the US and Canada!

A subscription to Overnight RV is $24.95.

The App itself is free, but our low annual fee is required to activate the subscription.

OvernightRVParking provides a database of FREE locations to park your RV for one night while you're traveling! This application will answer your Overnight RV Parking questions, including:
- When you're in your RV, where can you park overnight to sleep, just for one night?
- Where will parking overnight to sleep result in eviction, a ticket, or being towed away in the middle of the night?
- Where can you get some rest without having to pay a dime?

Our database includes over 13,000 locations in the continental United States and Canada. Search by your current location, city and state / province or zip code.

Locations are updated frequently by our subscribers. For each valid report submitted, extra time is added to your subscription. Our database is different from our competitors by providing a verified check of all submissions. Through this process, we maintain high quality, accurate information for the RV community.

Safe travels!

Loved this when it was only on its website. App makes it FABULOUS! Have used it numerous times as I travel with my 26' trailer. Use it, you'll never look back!
Wendy Bell
This app is awesome! Its saved me a lot of frustration when traveling through new areas. Helpful advice in the location descriptions regarding where to park on arrival. Love the fact that users are able to u...
Laurie Gott
The app is easy to use for me to find free spots. I liked it enough to pay for it actually.
Jason Grimm