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About Televizo - IPTV player

Watch your provider IPTV on your phone, tablet, TV or TV-box.

The application is only a player and does not contain any preset channels.
To view, you need to add a playlist & EPG of your provider.

Available features:
- Live broadcasts and archives (if playlist supports this function);
- You can add an unlimited number of M3U playlists;
- You can add an unlimited number of XML EPG;
- Support for different streams (HLS, UDP, RTMP and others);
- Sorting and searching;
- Parental control (playlist editor);
- Favorites;
- Audio track selection;
- And much more...

Have a nice watching!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Televizo?

Televizo is an IPTV player that allows you to watch your provider's IPTV on your phone, tablet, TV, or TV-box.

What does Televizo application offer?

Televizo is a player that offers live broadcasts and archives (if supported by the playlist), the ability to add unlimited M3U playlists and XML EPG, support for different streams (HLS, UDP, RTMP, and others), sorting and searching, parental control, favorites, audio track selection, and much more.

Can I watch preset channels on Televizo?

No, Televizo is only a player and does not contain any preset channels. To view content, you need to add a playlist and EPG of your provider.

How many M3U playlists and XML EPG can I add on Televizo?

You can add an unlimited number of M3U playlists and XML EPG on Televizo.

What streaming protocols are supported by Televizo?

Televizo supports different streams such as HLS, UDP, RTMP, and others.

Does Televizo have parental control feature?

Yes, Televizo has parental control feature which allows you to control the playlist.

Can I select audio tracks on Televizo?

Yes, you can select audio tracks on Televizo.

What other features does Televizo offer?

Televizo offers features like sorting and searching, favorites, and much more to enhance your viewing experience.
Sarfaraz Warind Raz
Hi, I do not see any word on the playback sound, whether it supports dolby, dts, Atmos, 5.1, 7.2 etc based on the original format. Most of the IPTV providers only support stereo. This will help to choose the...
Bach's Shetty
One Suggestion Kindly add features of auto video quality options for slow internet speed.
Pawan Kumar Dubey
It's the best IPTV player available. I've pretty much tried all of them. I have only one suggestion, it would be amazing to have channel numbers. Possibly more languages would be great, too. Thanks.
Belcastro Giuseppe
Joynal Abedin
I love this app. So easy to use and I really like the UI and color scheme. Great work! Would it possible to add the FPS to the video information in a future update?