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About Oticon ON

The Oticon ON App provides discreet remote control of your hearing aids, letting you adjust the volume of your hearing aids independently, switch between listening programs, keep an eye on your battery level or even help you find your hearing aids if you lose them.
If enabled by your hearing care professional during the fitting session, the Oticon ON App can also let you access specific programs designed to help you move your attention away from your tinnitus.

The Oticon ON App is also an easy way to handle wireless accessories paired with your hearing aids. Use it to control your Oticon TV Adapter, or devices such as Oticon EduMic or ConnectClip which can be used both for streaming and as remote microphones.

With the Oticon ON App, you can set personal listening goals and follow your daily hearing aid use through HearingFitness™. The Internet of Things feature lets you connect to a wide variety of Internet-connected solutions through the IFTTT service.

The Oticon ON App is compatible with all Oticon Bluetooth hearing aids.
We recommend using the latest version of Android OS.

To consult the latest list of compatible devices, please visit:

Please note the Oticon ON App will not enable you to use your hearing aids for direct audio streaming from your Android phone.

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Great app to have, everything at your finger tips.
Bob Farr
After I reported problem, developer responded with easy fix and it now works beautifully.
Al Wasser
Cannot retrieve Oticon
Ursula Taute