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About Fortias Saga: Action Adventure

The game unfolds in a continent known as Fortias.

In the 730th year according to the Eradel calendar, a war erupts between the human alliance and the dark forces across the land.

To rescue humanity, you embark on an adventure through various worlds, battling hordes of monsters aligned with the dark forces.

Collect gold, bread, and diamonds to enhance the strength of your heroes and fortify the defenses of human faction buildings.

Throughout the adventure, you can recruit new heroes through the Summon system and form teams to amplify their strength, engaging in battles against powerful bosses.

Key features:
- Nostalgic art style: Old but gold, graphically designed to allow full immersion into this fun adventure.
- Obtain random and unique heroes to enhance your power.
- Explore divine landscapes with hundreds of maps.
- One-of-a-kind heroes: More than 90 heroes to team up. Players can strategically build their own party.
- Thousands of monsters, elites, bosses, and challenging obstacles to defeat.

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