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About KalamTime: Messaging, Calls, Real-time Translation

KalamTime is a unique and innovative messaging and call application that redefines the way you communicate with your friends, family and professional relationships.
KalamTime’s mission is to bring people from around the world closer by eliminating the language barrier between the people who use the app.
It’s a free application that requires only an Internet connection to connect you with people around the world.
With KalamTime, you can easily make multi-party voice and video calls in addition to sharing messages, videos, photos, documents, contacts, location, audio messages and files in a secure way.

Real-time Translation
KalamTime translates every message, video and audio message to the preferred language of each recipient as they are received. KalamTime translates text messages, videos and audio messages with an amazing accuracy in 20+ languages including English, Arabic, French, German, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Greek and many other languages.

Text and Audio conversion
Listen to all text messages in a chat by pressing the speaker icon next to each message. KalamTime also shows the full text transcript of all audio messages and videos so you can not only listen to the audio and video messages but read them too.

Edit your messages
You can edit your messages any time after you send them.

Forward messages
Forward any message to your contacts. KalamTime shows the name of the owner of forwarded message. With every forwarded message you receive, you know who created it and when.

Rich chat interface
Enjoy rich chat features like Edit, Delete, Forward, Reply, Copy and Share. Long tap on any message to see the menu containing these options.

No Limits
With KalamTime, enjoy true freedom. Share files of any size with your contacts. Record audio and video messages of any length and say no to limits.

Audio and Video Recordings
With KalamTime, you have full control on what you record. Whether it is an audio or video message, you can record messages of any length. Pause / resume recordings and even play them before posting in a chat.

Audio and Video Calls
Call your contacts for free with KalamTime. KalamTime offers both individual and group voice and video calls with amazing voice and video quality plus other features.

Group Calls
There is no limit on the number of participants in a group call. Add as many participants as you want and have fun!

Privacy Settings
Control the way you want to share your personal information with others. Hide your date of birth, phone number and other information. KalamTime does not hide Seen status of others from you even if you hide your Seen status. Block unwanted people without letting them know that they have been blocked.

Find Friends
Grow your network by finding people from our global database. Search people by their name, phone number or email address.

Voice Commands
Use KalamTime with minimum touches. Say “Record Message” to open the audio recorder. Say “Send” to send your messages. Explore the number of voice commands offered by KalamTime for added convenience.

Share messages and files you receive in KalamTime with other apps. It’s also easy to share anything from others apps with your KalamTime contacts.

Security is our main concern. Your data is stored on Kalamtime servers in a highly secure environment powered by Amazon. State-of-art encryption algorithms encrypt your data and communication channels to ensure a maximum level of security.

We love your feedback. If you have any comments, suggestions or ideas to improve your Kalamtime experience, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected]

Great app! Would be ideal if more people start using. My family and I are moving to this from WhatsApp to talk to each other as it has way better audio quality compared to other services.
Zaayer Nasib
A very excellent source of communication with my friends in different countries. A must have application.
Aneeque Malik
Awesome app with great features.
Neetu Gupta