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About NHS3100 Temperature Logger APP

The NHS3100 Temperature Logger APP demonstrates the value proposition of NXP's NHS3100 temperature logger IC, which enables quality control over the complete logistic chain.

The NHS3100 is an IC optimized for temperature monitoring and logging. With its embedded NFC interface, internal temperature sensor and direct battery connection, it supports an effective system solution with a minimal number of external components.

In the pharmaceutical domain, the NHS3100 supports the traceability of individual products from manufacture until delivery to the patient. Caregivers or patients will be able to verify that the monitored product was never outside its correct temperature range, and will thus have the expected efficacy.

The embedded ARM Cortex-M0+ offers flexibility to the users of this IC to implement their dedicated solution. On the M0+ core, it is easy to implement a temperature monitor, but this core also has the ability to record the stability profile of the drug. At any time, the chip can be interrogated to verify that the drug is still viable.

The NHS3100 contains multiple features like various power-down modes and a selectable CPU frequency up to 8 MHz for ultra-low power consumption. Users can program this NHS3100 with the industry-wide standard solutions for ARM Cortex-M0+ processors.

Designed for labels logging medicine temperature over time, this cool little micro can be used for other applications too. Its a cortex m0 with nfc, imagine building any sealed device where you use this to c...
Iain Galloway