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About TapLinx SDK Sample App

MIFARE SDK is now TapLinx SDK

This sample application is developed using NXP’s TapLinx SDK available at –> Products -> Tools -> TapLinx. TapLinx is upgraded version of MIFARE SDK. Currently this SDK provides APIs for communication with NXP’s MIFARE (e.g. Classic, Ultralight, Plus, DESFire), NTAG (e.g. NTAG 2xx, NTAG 4xx DNA) and ICODE (e.g. SLI, DNA) products.
Unlike earlier MIFARE SDK, there is only one version which supports all functionalities of all (supported) cards/tags and is free to use.

This simple application detects any NXP HF RFID Card or Tag and demonstrates read/write of data onto the card. PLEASE NOTE that the contents of the card SHALL be modified (if card state allows) when used with this application. Hence exercise caution while tapping any card with default key set.

More details and source code of this application is available for download at TapLinx SDK product page @

Please contact [email protected] for any support or product related query.

Good app.
Venkata G
Nice app
Rajshekhar Tiwari
Good app for demonstrating Mifare SDK