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About Suzy Cube

Oh no! The dastardly Skulls have stolen all the gold right out of Castle Cubeton! 
Only Suzy Cube has what it takes to recover the castle's lost treasure from those blustering bullies!

Discover the simple joy of platforming in this bright, fun and surprise-filled 3D game.


• Simple, tight and responsive controls
• Over 40 unique stages to master
• Secrets and power-ups to discover
• Support for most Bluetooth gamepads!

A passion project which gets at the heart of what makes a great feeling, smile-inducing, 3D platform game for all players.


★★★★★ "...absolutely well-crafted to a ridiculous degree" —

"The best 3D platformer you can play on mobile" —Pocket Gamer

"It's guaranteed to make you smile" —AppAdvice

A Word From The Developer:
Suzy Cube has been a labour of love and an incomparable learning experience. 
After years of work, I am thrilled to release the game so players can have as much fun playing it as I've had creating it. Thanks to everyone who have helped make this possible and to all of Suzy's exceedingly patient fans. 

Merci, Thank you, Gracias,

NorthernBytes Software

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Great classic 3D platformer! Reminds me of the old Mario games, mostly Mario 64! Great gameplay and my PS4 controller synced well while playing this on a nice big screen tablet. I see people complaining abou...
Jowell GamingShow
gameplay is smooth 1. control is little bit hard but ok. 2. graphics are good to play. 3. characters are cute. 4. overall experience is awesome. buy it in sale .
Similar quality and style to Super Mario 3D Land. It is good enough to buy on a game console.
Sean Finn
Really fun game! Sadly it's quite hard to control the movement
Reaver Cloud
Actually a really cool game, if I had a controller for my phone it would be like a regular console game
Jordan Albright
This is simply the best platform I've ever played on the Play Store. Gameplay and level design are strikingly similar to the ones of Super Mario 3D Land (available for Nintendo 3DS), which is a good thing. T...