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About Pumped BMX 3

The final installment of the smash hit #1 rated BMX game is here!

Following on from the insane success of Pumped BMX 2, Pumped 3 is back with more riders, more bikes, more stunts, more levels and more challenges!

Ride through sets of jumps pulling off crazy stunts in order to complete challenges and beat high scores. Combine 24 awesome BMX tricks with flips, spins and grinds to rack up huge high scores, or just relax and flow through the levels - it’s up to you!

Try your hand at over 720 challenges and achievements - a totally redesigned challenge system means there’s something different to try around every corner.

60 all new levels across 6 amazing environments. From the relaxed to the totally insane, from the foothills and woods to the wetlands and mountains.

Featuring 15 of the world’s top dirt jumpers! From style gurus like Chase Hawk to tech wizards like Dennis Enarson, pick your pro and go shred!

Customize your bike - pick your favourite pro’s signature or create your own fully custom ride!

60 levels, over 720 challenges and achievements.
15 of the world’s top BMX dirt jumpers.
24 legit tricks from the stylish to the insane.

Get ready. Get Pumped.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Pumped BMX 3?

Pumped BMX 3 is the final installment of the popular BMX game series that features more riders, bikes, stunts, levels, and challenges.

What is the objective of the game?

The objective of the game is to ride through sets of jumps, pull off crazy stunts, and complete challenges to beat high scores.

How many challenges are in the game?

There are over 720 challenges and achievements in the game.

How many levels are in Pumped BMX 3?

There are 60 all new levels across 6 environments in the game.

Who are the riders featured in Pumped BMX 3?

The game features 15 of the world’s top BMX dirt jumpers, including style gurus like Chase Hawk and tech wizards like Dennis Enarson.

Can I customize my bike in the game?

Yes, you can customize your bike by picking your favorite pro’s signature or creating your own fully custom ride.

What are some of the features of Pumped BMX 3?

Some of the features of the game include 60 levels, over 720 challenges and achievements, 15 of the world’s top BMX dirt jumpers, and 24 legit tricks from the stylish to the insane.
Insane graphic purchase it now
XD Civix
Joshua Daughtrey
Great game, great graphics awesome design
Alex Morris
I have played this game for years, and it is a great value for a game with a lot of playability. I had problems starting the game recently but Noodlecake responded, and released an update that fixed that iss...
One of my all time favourite games! This game is sick and i have played countless hours and loved every minute. The physics are amazing and the game flows so well.
Matthew Woznica
Patricia Calloway