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About Pumped BMX 2

The no.1 rated BMX game is back with more insane stunt action!

Following the 2012 cult hit, Pumped BMX is back and packed full of more wild levels, more wild tricks, and over 500 challenges and achievements. Oh, and it's 3D too!

Ride your way through increasingly challenging levels while pulling off crazy trick combinations. 16 authentic BMX tricks can be combined with flips, spins, grinds and manuals for almost unlimited creativity. Includes a totally redesigned tutorial system so in just a few minutes anyone can be shredding like a pro.

Throw down your best moves to beat all 500 challenges or kick back and chill! It's up to you. Google Play leaderboards and achievements, featuring the best BMXers in the world, mean that you'll be sessioning Pumped BMX 2 long after the main game is complete.

Choose from 6 authentic rider styles and 10 unique bike colorways - look how you want to look, ride how you want to ride!

- 50 levels, 500 challenges - from the simple to the fiendishly difficult.
- Google Play Game Services leaderboards and achievements, featuring top BMX pros.
- 16 legit tricks from kickouts to cliffhangers, from icepicks to nose manuals.
- Super accurate physics - as close as you'll get to real BMX without picking up a bike.
- Amazing controls allow full creativity, from floaty 360s to frontflip bikeflips.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Pumped BMX 2?

Pumped BMX 2 is the sequel to the popular BMX game, offering more levels, tricks, challenges, and achievements.

How many challenges and achievements are there in Pumped BMX 2?

Pumped BMX 2 offers over 500 challenges and achievements for players to complete.

Is Pumped BMX 2 a 3D game?

Yes, Pumped BMX 2 features 3D gameplay.

Can players combine tricks in Pumped BMX 2?

Yes, players can combine 16 authentic BMX tricks with flips, spins, grinds, and manuals to create their own creative trick combinations.

Are there leaderboards and achievements in Pumped BMX 2?

Yes, Pumped BMX 2 features Google Play leaderboards and achievements, allowing players to compete with the best BMXers in the world.

How many rider styles and bike colorways are available in Pumped BMX 2?

Pumped BMX 2 offers 6 authentic rider styles and 10 unique bike colorways for players to choose from.

How many levels are there in Pumped BMX 2?

Pumped BMX 2 includes 50 levels, ranging from simple to fiendishly difficult.

Are the physics in Pumped BMX 2 realistic?

Yes, Pumped BMX 2 features super accurate physics, providing a realistic BMX experience.

Are the controls in Pumped BMX 2 easy to use?

Yes, the controls in Pumped BMX 2 are designed to allow full creativity, making it possible to perform various tricks such as 360s and frontflip bikeflips.
The level of performance optimisation is really good because I got this cheap weak ass phone (that I will upgrade) and the game is always above 30fps
Ploper Dung
Please respond The levles are challenging and very hard besides that its amazingšŸ˜±
Needs more levels
Shane Gregory
It is awesome so far
If your looking for a bmx game that doesn't spam you with ads or is begging you to buy thier product, then this is your game. I'd rated it a ten if I could.
Matthew Hull-Styles
Its fun and you have a lot of levels and you wont beat it fast like some games
Kelsey Tull