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About Smart Inventory System - Mobile & Web

It is very easy to manage and keep track of your products with our system.

With Smart Inventory, you can manage your inventory from your computer or other mobile operating systems by using our web application. Collaboration work also supported in our system. So, more than one user can reach / manage the same inventory by using our cloud system.

We categorize inventory on three level.

Items: Products or items that can be countable and moveable. Items have their quantities so that you can track of their movements and counts. For example; 1 can of milk, 3 notebook, 2 glass.

Groups: Gives you to ability to group your objects via their similar attributes. For example their location, size, shelf number, or even the buyer name.

Tags: It allows to give extra details for groups like third layer.

These categorization system allows you to create your inventory on horizontal way by using relations. Creating relations by using items, groups and tags is very easy and gives control to manage inventory.

You can add your objects names, pictures, barcode values and their additional information to the system. There is no limitation for the number of additional information to your objects.

Moreover to that you can add quantity values to your items and track the quantity movements on every quantity change by giving quantity annotations. This provides to see quantity changes over the time and retrieving reports about those changes with given annotation details.

We support the most used universal 16 different type of QR Codes and universal barcode types for scanning. Scanning codes gives super easy management of your objects. Once you scan your objects you can go to that object details. By using Scanner Mode, you can change your item's quantities directly by only scanning their codes. If you do not have barcode or QR Code for your objects, our application will create it for you.

After being registered to our system, you can send your inventory to our secure cloud system and share with others. In order to work on same inventory, same registration account should be used by other users. You can even reach your inventory via your computer by using our web application.

By using importing and exporting features, you can transfer your present lists to the application or retrieve reports for other systems. Bulk operations can be done by using importing system. Exporting to Google Drive gives freedom to users to share reports easily.

Our other features;
- We support 8 languages; English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Polish and Turkish
- Create new items, groups and tags manually and print their related QR codes which are produced by the system. This QR Codes can be used for tracking the objects via scanning feature.
- Register to our system via Google, Facebook, Twitter or your email and reach your inventory via our web application.
- Backup your data to the cloud and work in collaboration.
- Exporting your objects as CSV file to your phone memory or to Google Drive. Retrieve item change reports.
- Importing allows you to create your inventory quickly. You can use it for bulk operations.
- Add objects to favorite list to find them easily.
- Search your objects.
- Add pictures to your objects. You can send those photos to our cloud system and see them in web application.
- Use Android Widgets to reach scan feature quickly.
- Summary Information page let you to see insight from your inventory.
- Ability to define default values.

Our cloud system and some of our features are only for premium users. You can see all details about our premium system from Premium page in our application.

This app does not automatically search barcodes from online system to find details. To find by scanning barcodes, you should add them first to your inventory.

We have great support team and they are ready to answer your questions. If you have any questions about our application please reach us directly.

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Very well thought and organized app!
Minh Quach
So far very good. Have used the web version too. Does all the features of another app without the price tag!
Natalie Travan
Still putting it in trial. We"ll see.