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About Red Shoes: Wood Bear World

Red Shoes Has Returned As A Mobile Game!
Hit, Run and Dodge!

Meet Red Shoes and Merlin with the Sevens in Mobile Game!
Begin your journey to the Wood Bear World right now!

Watch out, the underlings of Queen Regina are out there!
Defeat the enemies and move forward to the upper level!
Build your character to get stronger to save the kingdom!
Get some helps from the Sevens - They support you in many ways!

Key Features:
■ Play the characters from RED SHOES and decorate with the COSTUMES!
■ Clear out the changing dungeons at the CHAPTER MODE!
■ Leave your character to farm the items and be idle at the WORLD MODE!
■ Invite your friend and defeat the waiving monsters at CO-OP MODE!
■ Get the special rewards by challenging the WORLD BOSS MODE!

Official Facebook Page:
Official Twitter:
Official Instagram:

For any inquiries, feel free to ask us to: [email protected]

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Awesome Soundtrack)
Mykola Karandiei
Yes it has some potential i have to say... Creatively new concept, graphics are decent & over all gameplay is good. And i really hope they'll make it more interesting in future updates. Good luck Creators/De...
Nayan VGS
I love it so much
Kim Possible
It's really great game, I just started playing It. I absolutely having fun already, 5 star. Highly recommend. But I have a suggestion, u should really add potion In the shop. So atleast players can heal In t...
Fuwawa Rainbow
Amazing game!! 😩💙
Amber Diamond
very cute
Syifa Rahma Auliasyah