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About Clapper - Independent Free Speech Video Platform

Clapper - Formerly NewsClapper is an unbiased Free Speech Short video social platform where all opinions matter.

We encourage freedom of speech and do not censor posts and comments. You can freely express your personal opinions, political views, or share local video news.

We want to provide a space for open dialog and user engagement. Use the "opinion" feature to publish a video response.

We want to provide a place where you can share news, find your community, and stay informed.

Clapper understand what you feel:

- Feel a sense of freedom: You want to find a platform where you can express your views and opinions without any restrictions.

- Feel like yourself: You want to express your authentic self: your beliefs, opinions, and views even if they are unpopular and not accepted by the majority of society and are against the mass political trends.

- Feel like you stand out: You don't want to follow mainstream media and a set political agenda. You have a need to stand out from the crowd and to follow your own instincts.

- Feel a sense of belonging: You want to find and connect to like-minded people to engage in discussions and talk about the subjects important to you.

What makes Clapper different?

- Political Commentary: One of the main reasons to use the app is to share your views and opinions on current political affairs and events or make a video response to other users' video content.

- Social Movements: You participate in social movements such as protests and riots, and you want to stream and share this with others. Sharing a video from this type of event gives a unique perspective and can educate viewers about essential things that happen in the county.

- Local Community News: There are things happening on the streets that are worth being filmed. It's important to document these types of events to show others things that happen in their local community.

The easy and intuitive interface makes using the app simple and effortless.

- Easily record videos of your local news and your opinion on the news.
- Download the videos you like in mp4 format and share the videos to your Twitter very easily.
- Reply to others' content with your own opinion.
- Build up your own following and be an opinion leader.

Want to find out more about us?
Email: [email protected]

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Clapper?

Clapper is an independent free speech video platform formerly known as NewsClapper. It is a social platform where all opinions matter and freedom of speech is encouraged.

What can I do on Clapper?

On Clapper, you can freely express your personal opinions, political views, and share local video news. You can also use the "opinion" feature to publish a video response and engage in open dialog with other users.

What does Clapper understand about its users?

Clapper understands that users want a platform where they can express their views and opinions without any restrictions. They want to be able to authentically express themselves, even if their beliefs are unpopular or against mainstream political trends. Clapper also acknowledges the need for users to stand out and follow their own instincts. It aims to provide users a sense of belonging by connecting them to like-minded people.

How is Clapper different from other platforms?

Clapper stands out by offering features such as political commentary, where users can share their views on current political affairs or respond to other users' videos. It also allows users to participate in social movements by streaming and sharing their experiences. Additionally, Clapper emphasizes the importance of local community news, enabling users to film and document events in their local communities.

What features does the Clapper app offer?

The Clapper app provides an easy and intuitive interface. Users can easily record videos of local news and their opinions, download videos in mp4 format, and share videos to Twitter. They can also reply to others' content with their own opinions and build up their own following to become opinion leaders.

How can I find out more about Clapper?

To find out more about Clapper, you can visit their website at You can also follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. If you have any further inquiries, you can contact them via email at [email protected].
Great app needs a share button to conservative apps like mewe parlor. I find it funny the negative reviews because of all the trump stuff. It would be like that every app but we are blocked and censored on e...
chad left
I love it although I'm having an Issue that is I can't Comment for long, an Error pops up after 2 comments Please Fix it is getting Annoying
Genius Platform! Even the way supporters can support content creators is absolutely IQ 260 SAVANT GENIUS! They are working hard to bring us new content and the community isn't toxic like those over on that C...
Tofurious Crane
Love it
Joey get some
Great app, much more speaking FREEDOM than tiktok for sure
Yvonne-Susie Reed-Johnson
Finally a place where freedom of speech is encouraged not discouraged
Jason Fisher