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About Likey - 1:1 Live Chat with Celebrities

Live chat with celebrities on Likey!

Lovey-dovey live chats everyday
-Get a chance to converse deeply with celebrities from social media platforms that you’ve only seen from afar!
-Quick and convenient message system!
-Enjoy a variety of contents including photos, videos, and voice messages etc.! 

Special unreleased photos and videos only on Likey
-NOT typical daily photos seen by everyone!
-Come see special private photos shared by celebs!

Express thanks through thoughtful gifts
-Celebrate your celebs’ special day!
-Impress stars through quirky and adorable gifts!

Become friends with celebrities who possess endearing qualities
-Charming new celebs released everyday!
-Make new celeb friends on Likey!

Leave a review about our app
Your inputs and shares help Likey to provide greater service.

For help and further feedback
-visit or e-mail [email protected]

Likey accesses only those items that are essential to the service.
Likey requires the following access rights to provide its service.

[Required access]

[Optional access rights]
-Microphone: Authority to use video and audio contents
-Camera: Authority to use photo and video contents
-Album: Permission to import photo and video contents
The access rights above require permission to use. You may still use Likey’s service without agreeing to the permission.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Likey?

Likey is a 1:1 live chat platform where users can chat with celebrities.

What can I do on Likey?

On Likey, you can have deep conversations with celebrities, enjoy photos and videos exclusive to the platform, send thoughtful gifts to celebrities, and make friends with charming new celebrities.

Where can I find special private photos and videos?

You can find special private photos and videos shared by celebrities on Likey.

How can I express my thanks to celebrities?

You can celebrate celebrities' special days and impress them by sending quirky and adorable gifts on Likey.

Can I leave a review for the Likey app?

Yes, you can leave a review about the Likey app. Your inputs and shares help improve the service.

How can I get help or provide feedback?

You can visit or send an email to [email protected] for help and further feedback.

What access rights does Likey require?

Likey requires access to items that are essential to its service, but none of them are mandatory. The optional access rights include microphone, camera, and album permissions. You can still use Likey's service without agreeing to these permissions.
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