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About Miss Detective's Undercover

City's infamous gentleman of the night, Mystic Thief X!
And the detective who was stolen her first kiss!
Among the 3 suspects, who is the Mystic Thief who stole her first kiss?

I like you lots and lots!!
Sickly romanticist boy, 「Jeremy」

Are you the one, my Contractor. of. Darkness.?
A Twelvie eye patched guy, 「Sean」

Not an Otaku,
A perfect(?) Student President 「Walter」

My dear detective,
「Mystic Thief X」, who sends forenotice only to me!!

Miss Detective,
can you catch the Mystic Thief X,
unlike the words by nagging assistant 「Martin」?

The culprit, Mystic Thief X, is among us!!
Miss Detective's Undercover!

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This process requires stable internet connection. We recommend connecting to Wi-Fi.
In case of unstable internet or connection loss, an error may occur during download and the app may not run properly.

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Developer : 82-10-4182-2221

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good tho
as syaqqirin
I reallyyyy reallyyy love this game. I did expect that it's Martin but I'm still surprised. Love the part that you need finish the other boys' path before unlocking Mystic Thief X.
Suichie Wolf
This is one of the most beautiful plots I've ever seen in Otome Games. The turn of events is so surprising the game rides you to a whole road of emotions, very enjoyable, playing this game really brings you ...
Paula Judith Gaon
One of the best games you made so far! Everyone's endings were so good that I cried tears of lemonade
This is so so so good!! i highly recommend it! the mc is funny and so does the boys! each one of them having alot of likeable traits i cant even choice who i like the story is the best and enjoyable, the gam...
mie enyaj
This game is so good !! I'm literally Hooked❤️💖 Graphics ✓💖 Storyline ✓💖 Art ✓💖 I first tried this game out of curiosity, i thought it'll be laggy, buggy, so many error, so many pop up ads. And when I pl...
Cuty Buns