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About NearFold

The premier app for buying and selling new & used vehicles!

Looking to buy or sell your car? Look no further than NearFold!

With us, you can easily browse through a wide range of quality new & used cars from trusted sellers near your location in the UAE. We have used the latest technology and created a user-friendly application that makes it easy to find the perfect vehicles nearby that meets your needs and budget.
That's not all! We also make it easy to sell used cars nearby quickly and hassle-free. Our app guides you through the process step-by-step, from listing your car to making it yours. In addition, our built-in messaging system lets you communicate with potential buyers and sellers directly and quickly.
NearFold was founded in 2022 to assist millions of UAE citizens in buying and selling vehicles. Later, we will broaden our services to include all classified categories. We wanted to offer a platform that allows your adverts to follow you everywhere. Our app users will be able to find several adverts nearby thanks to our expanding community.

Why Buy and Sell Cars with NearFold?
With NearFold, you just leave the stress of searching cars by visiting places. With our smart app, you can buy and sell used cars in the UAE from the comfort of your home and near your location.

Online/offline Advertisement Status
Click the Go Live option inside our app if you want your advertisement shown to other app users with live tracking, hence wherever you will travel, your car advertisement will travel with you.

Quick & Easy Interaction with Sellers Near You
Within our app, you can message the seller when you locate your ideal car nearby, as it appears on the map.

Search Nearby Used Car
You can explore the listed cars near your location from trusted sellers and finalize the deal within minutes.

List Your Ad for 30 Days for Free
With our online marketplace in UAE, you can post your ad for 30 days for FREE. If you want to keep your ad running longer, you can explore our premium plans.

No Spam Information
You can utilize the detailed information the seller provides, such as each vehicle's history, condition, and any prior collisions or repairs, to assist you in deciding your purchase.

What are you waiting for? Download the NearFold app today and start buying and selling vehicles!

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Great interface. I love the simple navigation within the app. For the cars I will recommend an option for importation for the seller. Like I am in Cameroon, I will like to know if the client is open to sendi...
akwa roseline
This app is very good and very useful app
Muhammad Arshad
Very very good app and useful application car sale very fast
Talha Jutt
This apps is very good it work very well and the car Is sold quickly it my experience
Arsal Tarar
Very useful app (nice)
Ali Warraich
trusty and worthy application highly appreciated and recommend
ADil Raajput