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About myRemedy: Medicinal plants and their uses (Free)

Discover the properties and the main therapeutic uses of the most relevant medicinal plants that nature has given us throughout our history.

Healing herbs for high blood pressure, constipation, headache, migraine, cough, flu, hypertension, low blood pressure, diabetes, inflammation, insomnia... are some of the most common symptoms and diseases of our daily life and in myRemedy you will be able to find out the properties that medicinal plants provide us to relieve and benefit yourself from herbal medicine.

Are you following a diet or trying to lose weight and do not know what infusion should you take in order to help the body eliminate excess fluids?

Do you know the best medicinal plants alternative to sugar? It is Stevia and whereas it has outstanding properties beneficial for health, it does not add calories.

This app will familiarize you with true alternatives to pharmaceutical products, thus helping you treat many health problems, at a lower cost and free of side effects.

What can you do within myRemedy?

❀️ Check a list of info, therapeutic uses and access the most recommended healing herbs to alleviate and treat those symptoms.

🌿 Browse among the most important medicinal plants and obtain its properties, uses and precautions that you need to consider before using.

βœ‰οΈ Share the information of any healing herbs you like with your contacts through your favorite messaging applications.

⭐️ Save your favorite medicinal plants to access their information quicker and easier.

All this and much more in myRemedy, try it now and start enjoying the benefits of natural medicine 🍡!

If you want to leave your feedback or contact us, please refer to the contact email below or leave us a comment.

Note: The information of this app is a general information. Make a responsible use and if you have any doubt about the use of a particular medicinal plant, please consult your doctor before using it.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is myRemedy?

myRemedy is an app that provides information about medicinal plants and their therapeutic uses.

What kind of health problems can myRemedy help with?

myRemedy can help with various health problems such as high blood pressure, constipation, headache, migraine, cough, flu, hypertension, low blood pressure, diabetes, inflammation, and insomnia.

Can myRemedy help with weight loss?

Yes, myRemedy can recommend infusions that can help the body eliminate excess fluids, which can be beneficial for weight loss.

Is there an alternative to sugar mentioned in myRemedy?

Yes, myRemedy mentions Stevia as a natural alternative to sugar that has health benefits and does not add calories.

Are there any side effects of using medicinal plants recommended in myRemedy?

The information provided in myRemedy is general, and it is recommended to consult a doctor before using any specific medicinal plant to avoid any potential side effects.

What features does myRemedy offer?

myRemedy allows users to check a list of info and therapeutic uses of medicinal plants, browse through important medicinal plants and their properties, share information with contacts, and save favorite medicinal plants for quick access.

How can I provide feedback or contact the creators of myRemedy?

You can provide feedback or contact the creators of myRemedy by referring to the contact email provided or leaving a comment.

Is myRemedy free to use?

Yes, myRemedy is available for free.
Brilliant! Bought some ginseng tablets for my mum to help with something and has seemed to improve! Totally recommend this app! I'm going to try a few other recommended things on here in the future! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘...
Very.detailed gold translation
Jeremy Du Perron
Very informative and useful, they also have relaxation videos which is great!
sandwich pidgeon
I had a headache and no medicine and i tried one of the remedies it had for headache and a few minutes later my headache was cured!!! Download it!
John Roussos
I'm in love with this app. Very informative.
michelle spurgeon
I love you this app only thing is there ain't very many plants on here needs more plants I know there more that can help with stuff
Shanda Panda