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About Thinking Skills

Thinking Skills are some of the most valuable skills you can learn today. The reason is simple. While in the past, people went to work for their manual skills, today they go to work for their mental skills.
This Application helps you to improve your techniques of thinking, to improve your ability of problem solving in daily life.

We live in an Information Age, no longer an Industrial Age. That’s why brain has replaced brawn, and strength in thinking has replaced strength in muscles. No matter what kind of business you work for, nor what kind of job you do, today you are expected to apply a range of thinking skills to the work you carry out.
if you want to achieve wealth, happiness, and professional and person fulfillment, all you have to do is Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life.
This includes using your judgment; collecting, using, and analyzing information; working with others to solve problems; making decisions on behalf of others; contributing to ideas to innovate and change; and being creative about how your job can function better.
1 What Are Thinking Skills?

1.1 The Potential of the Brain

1.2 Brain Power

1.3 Exploding the Myths

1.4 Brainwork’s

1.5 Brain not Brawn

1.6 Management Thinking

1.7 Thinking Matters

1.8 Key Points

2 Positive Thinking

2.1 Untrained Thinking

2.2 Distorted Thinking

2.3 Catastrophizing

2.4 Confusion

2.5 Distraction

2.6 Yo-Yo Thinking

2.7 The Self-Image

2.8 Positive Re-Framing

2.9 Expecting the Best

2.10 Your Brain Wants Success

2.11 Key Points

3 Improve Your Memory

3.1 Synesthesia

3.2 Landmarks

3.3 The Peg System

3.4 Rhymes

3.5 Mnemonics

3.6 Remembering People’s Names

3.7 Repetition

3.8 Key Points

4 Blocks to Thinking

4.1 Assumptions

4.2 See Things from Other Points Of View

4.3 Thinking and Doing

4.4 Get Rid Of Lazy Thinking Habits

4.5 Think like A Child

4.6 See the Detail As Well As the Big Picture

4.7 Think For Yourself

4.8 Time to Think

4.9 Key Points

5 Logical Thinking

5.1 Left-Brain Thinking

5.2 Right Brain Thinking

5.3 Managerial Thinking

5.4 Logical Thinking

5.5 SMART Goals

5.6 Systematic Planning

5.7 Using Information

5.8 The Limits of Information

5.9 Key Points

6 Creative Thinking

6.1 Think like A Child

6.2 Be More Curious

6.3 Play with Ideas

6.4 Make New Connections

6.5 Be A Little Illogical

6.6 Laugh More

6.7 Think Outside Your Limits

6.8 Key Points

7.4 Brain writing

7.5 Key Points

8 Decision-Taking

8.1 Time Them

8.2 Align Them

8.3 Balance Them

8.4 Act When You Have To

8.5 Use a Decision-Making Model

8.6 Instinct

8.7 Don’t Decide Without Acting

8.8 Keep Your Decision under Review

8.9 Key Points

9 Problem-Solving

9.1 The Problem with Problems

9.2 The Classical Approach

9.3 Do Nothing

9.4 Take Your Time

9.5 Sleep On It

9.6 Attack the Problem

9.7 Two Heads are Better than One

9.8 Occam’s Razor and the Five Whys

9.9 Key Points

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Good app...amazing tips.
Bandile Khanye
Very Helpful 👍
Raja Babar
This is the best educating book I have ever read.
Humphrey Onyedumekwu Akunne
Thinking skill is a good application. This Application helps you to improve your techniques of thinking, to improve your ability. I love this app
High way
This app nailed it for me 💯 Comprehensive and informative in ways that 'made the Penny drop", so to speak🤔👍 That was a few therapy sessions worth ❤️
Jenny Collins