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MultiCraft ― Build and Mine! 👍 Screenshot 1
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About MultiCraft ― Build and Mine! 👍

Introducing MultiCraft ― world of unlimited opportunities! Get ready for real Adventures!

Build and Destroy Blocks. Get Resources and Create Various Tools, Blocks and Weapons with which you can Survive and create unique Buildings.
Choose your side in this world ― a Builder (Creative mode) or a Ruthless Hunter, who will do everything to stay alive (Survival mode)!

► Be careful, in this world not only peaceful Animals, but an awful Monsters too! Win a battle with them and you will get priceless resources!
► Swim across the seas for new lands and resources ― lands are unlimited. Exploration them!
► If you decided to Survive ― keep eye on hunger and fill out it in time! Search for food, grow plants and kill mobs for meat!
► Built your shelter from the monsters and you will survive this night! They are coming for you… Zombies, Skeletons, Huge Spiders and other hostile mobs.
► At any time you can fly to the skies with the mode “flight” or become fast as flash with the “acceleration” mode. Make the game easier if you want.

In this game your actions are unlimited only by your imagination! The game does not require any skills ― you can at all understand in the first minutes of the game. With our game you can spend good time everywhere and every time! And it’s totally FREE!

Do you want to play with your friends? Join one of the user servers (“Multiplayer” tab). The game has a constantly updated list of various servers. You will definitely find one that you like.

In this game they are waiting for you:
► Huge and Small Spiders;
► Insidious Skeletons;
► Strong Zombies and other hostile mobs;
► Blue ore and mechanisms;
► Realistic gameplay;
► Cows, pigs, sheep and other peaceful mobs;
► Chickens, that lay eggs.;
► Stable FPS and long-distance rendering without lags;
► High game optimization and world generation for all modern devices;
► A lot of different biomes and the unique topography;
► A large number of different foods and plants;
► Convenient and fully adapted touch controls;
► Accelerated flight;
► Singleplayer with Survival and Creative modes;
► Multi-Player mode on multiple servers.

An open source application licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License version 3.
Source code and license agreement are available at:
All rights reserved.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is MultiCraft?

MultiCraft is a game that offers unlimited opportunities and adventures. It allows players to build, mine, and create various tools, blocks, and weapons to survive and construct unique buildings.

What game modes are available in MultiCraft?

MultiCraft offers two game modes: Creative mode, where players can unleash their creativity as builders, and Survival mode, where players must do everything to stay alive.

Are there monsters in MultiCraft?

Yes, MultiCraft has both peaceful animals and hostile monsters. Players can battle monsters to obtain valuable resources.

Can players explore new lands in MultiCraft?

Absolutely! MultiCraft allows players to swim across seas and discover new lands and resources. The lands are unlimited, allowing for endless exploration.

Do players need to manage their hunger in MultiCraft?

Yes, if players choose to survive in MultiCraft, they must keep an eye on their hunger and make sure to find food. They can grow plants and kill mobs for meat.

How can players protect themselves from monsters in MultiCraft?

Players can build their shelters to protect themselves from monsters. Hostile mobs such as Zombies, Skeletons, and Huge Spiders will come for them at night.

Are there different gameplay modes in MultiCraft?

Yes, MultiCraft offers various gameplay modes like flight mode, which allows players to fly in the skies, and acceleration mode, which makes them move faster.

Can MultiCraft be played with friends?

Yes, MultiCraft has a multiplayer feature where players can join user servers. The game offers a constantly updated list of servers to choose from.

What types of creatures are present in MultiCraft?

MultiCraft includes creatures such as Huge and Small Spiders, Insidious Skeletons, Strong Zombies, and other hostile mobs. It also has peaceful animals like cows, pigs, sheep, and chickens.

Is MultiCraft optimized for different devices?

Yes, MultiCraft is optimized for all modern devices, ensuring stable FPS, long-distance rendering without lags, and overall high game optimization and world generation.

Are there different biomes and topography in MultiCraft?

Yes, MultiCraft offers a large number of different biomes and unique topography, providing diverse and immersive in-game environments.

Are there touch controls in MultiCraft?

Yes, MultiCraft has convenient and fully adapted touch controls, making it easy to play on mobile devices.

What game modes are available in MultiCraft?

MultiCraft offers both Singleplayer mode with Survival and Creative modes, allowing players to play alone, and a Multiplayer mode where they can join multiple servers.
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