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About Blocky Cars - online games, tank wars

Do you know which tank game can be named the most creative?
Meet Blocky Cars - online shooter with imaginative craft of war machines!
Amazing tanks game for drivers of all stripes!

Blocky Cars includes online shooting games, cars driving, racing and other best qualities of car shooter in pixel games style! Welcome to the world of gripping pixel games with vast variety of online games modes!

Create cars & war machines you’ve dreamed to drive!

Craft huge tanks and war robots, arrange epic tank wars! Plunge into pixel shooter world full of futuristic cars. Put a minigun or a turret on your warfare tank or robot and fight on colorful battlefields of pixel games!

Blocky Cars (online games & tank wars) features...


- more than 90 blocks for cars craft!
Construct robots or tanks for robot wars. Create a brand new type of shooting cars! We have all you need: wheels, turbines, real tank tracks, sniper guns, turrets and more! Hundreds of crafting elements for cars, tanks & war robots!

- cars & tanks shop!
Vast choice of awesome tanks, flying war machines, walking robots and more.


- online games (multiplayer) with players worldwide!
- classic deathmatch
- capture the flag - addictive online games mode for those who love fast dynamic tank wars.
- team battle! Grab buddies, get into tanks, start epic fight on war robots! Become a real tank star!
- RACE mode! Don’t think that war machines or giant tanks can fight in tanking games only. Create a fast racing car and put the pedal to the metal!
- FPS game mode! You can get out of the warfare tank or pixel car and show your rivals who's the boss! (yes, like in favorite online shooting games). Join action in heroes mode!
and more!

Choose your way in Blocky Cars - car shooter, tank games! Battle online in tank shooting games!


- skin editor. Choose a skin or draw it by yourself with a special editor!
- armor & cool guns for a hero!
- up to 8 players on the same map: hang out in chat online, play multiplayer tank wars mode of online shooting games!


- Many pixel maps full of nice details created in 3D!
- Classic pixel games style with nice futuristic elements!

More tanks - More war machines - More tank games- More FUN!
Find out more about Blocky Cars - online games world of tanks & cars or join tank wars right now!

Download Blocky Cars (online games) - the most imaginative tanks game full of advantages such as online shooting games, multiplayer, craft and tons of warfare tank diversity! Survive in this action game with fun pixel games graphics. Blocky Cars - tanks game has been created for you, if you’re in love with tank shooting games, online games & robot wars.

Cars, war robots– all in one pixel shooter, tanks game! Craft cars or build giant tank star in the most creative of online shooting games. Wanna know more about our online shooter? Download this MIX of tank games, pixel games & online shooting games genres! Join tank games battle, defeat them all at pixel battlefield of tank shooting games.

Join our official tank star communities & channels on social media:
- like us on Facebook at (Blocky Cars - tank games) to get more info about tanks game upcoming updates.
- Check out our tanking games trailers on

Try out the battlefield of Blocky Cars - tank shooting games! We are driving cars and tanks on blocky roads! We are fond of online shooting games and fun!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Blocky Cars?

Blocky Cars is an online shooter game that allows players to craft and customize their own cars, tanks, and war robots for epic tank wars and battles.

What are the game modes available in Blocky Cars?

Blocky Cars offers various online game modes such as classic deathmatch, capture the flag, team battle, race mode, and FPS game mode, where you can get out of your vehicle and compete on foot.

Can I play with other players online?

Yes, Blocky Cars features multiplayer online games with players worldwide. You can join in tank wars and compete against other players in exciting battles.

How many crafting elements are available in Blocky Cars?

Blocky Cars offers over 90 blocks for car and war machine crafting, including wheels, turbines, tank tracks, sniper guns, turrets, and more.

Is there a shop to purchase cars and tanks in the game?

Yes, Blocky Cars has a cars and tanks shop where you can choose from a vast selection of awesome tanks, flying war machines, walking robots, and more.

Can I customize the appearance of my vehicles in Blocky Cars?

Yes, Blocky Cars features a skin editor that allows you to choose pre-made skins or create your own unique skin for your vehicles.

Are there any special features in Blocky Cars?

Yes, Blocky Cars offers special features such as armor and cool guns for your hero, the ability to play with up to 8 players on the same map, and the option to hang out and chat online with other players.

What is the overall style of the game?

Blocky Cars has a classic pixel games style with futuristic elements. The pixel maps created in 3D are full of nice details, providing a visually appealing environment.

Where can I find more information about Blocky Cars and its updates?

You can find more information about Blocky Cars and its upcoming updates by liking their Facebook page at and watching their trailers on their YouTube channel at

Is Blocky Cars available for download?

Yes, Blocky Cars is available for download. You can find it by searching for "Blocky Cars" in your preferred app store.
When ever may get out of car kill enemy with rocket i kill only 1 but when the match over i see my kill i 83kills plz fixs this
M Adeel
You can build your own battle car
Stephen Damandaman
I love this game its a great game
Melvin Corpuz
Minekarft ini hebat
Jaa Razak9293
I rated 5 star cuz i really love this game but i found some bugs or glitch that when u kill one enemy it keeps going and if i finish a battle if i click replay i glitch cuz i enter a game that will ends like...
Angie D
Fun game
Chay the great!