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About Infinite Dose: The Smart Drug Dosage Calculator

(Watch the video for an overview)

A must have drug dosing app for every physician or nurse to calculate the most difficult intravenous Emergency , ICU and NICU drugs doses or just the simplest pediatric outpatient daily oral medications.

Whether you are a Registered Nurse, Pediatrician, Anesthesiologist, Intensivist, General Practitioner or any health professional, this app is for you.

Overview of features:
✓ Easy Drug dosage Calculator. Just Drag The Seek Bar.
✓ Easy Drug IV Infusion Calculator ( IV Rate in mL/hour or Drops Rate/min)
✓ Easy Drug dosage Calculator By Weight or Body Surface Area.
✓ Create/Edit/Arrange Drugs into Groups & Collections.
✓ Drugs Can Be In Any Form or Dose (Oral or Infusion)
✓ Share Collections of Drugs With Colleagues.
✓ Add Detailed Drug Information (Notes) With Evernote-Like Rich Text Editor. These notes may contain drug interactions or specific dose precautions.

Most of drugs doses are referenced from Medscape

Detailed Features:

Create and Edit drugs
Easily create your custom drugs with any concentration and dose. You can also edit or delete previously created drugs.

Any Dose
It can be mg/kg .. mg/kg/hour ... grams/day ... mEq/kg/day .. mcg/kg/min .. iu/kg/dose .. or any other dose.

Any Form
It can be Vial , Ampule , Syrup, Tablet or create your custom form (example premixed bag, s.c injection or drops ..etc)

Body Surface Area Calculator
Any dose can be accepted (examples : mg/m² ... grams/m² ... mEq/kg/m² ...etc)

Powerful Infusion calculator
2 methods are available.
* First method for continuous infusions where you enter how many ampules and how many milliliters and the app calculates infusion rate, drops per minute and drops interval in seconds (example 1 ampule in 200 mL with infusion rate 20mL/hour).
* The second method works for bolus infusions where you dilute the needed dose and infuse over a specific period of time (example 50 mL over 20 mins ... etc).

Arrange drugs into 'Categories'
Copy and move drugs between categories.

Share drugs collections with your colleagues
Share via email, Bluetooth, WiFi direct or any sharing method.

Backup drugs collections
Backup to sdcard, Google Drive, Dropbox or any similar service.

Drug Notes
Easily add or edit drug notes with a rich text editor.

You can search by generic name or trade name with instant results.

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Ali Monir
Very excellent app
Dr. Sahir Issa
Mohammed Lotfy
Excellent app . thank you . But please add more medications on adult list .
Hishear Merani
Malk Mb22
Great app
Drnabil Moussa