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About Baby Tracker Daybook Feed, Sleep, Diaper by Mjello

Life as a new parent can be demanding, and you need all the help you can get to focus on what really matters; enjoy the precious time with your baby.

Do you often ask yourself the following questions?
• Which side did baby feed on last?
• What did my caregiver give my baby for lunch?
• How much did baby eat compared to previous weeks?
• How long was the midday nap?
• What time did the little one wake up?
• Who changed diaper for baby?
• What was the last weigh-in?

Keep track of all the details for your baby’s activities either logged by you, your partner, grandparents, nannies, or friends. Get 100% real-time synchronization and immediate feedback through notifications when activities are logged.

Breastfeed, pumping, bottle, solids, sleep, diaper tracking, training and developing routines for one or multiple babies. Mjello Baby helps you to keep full track of your baby’s development.

• Invite unlimited number of caregivers
You need all the help you can get! We know that taking care of a baby can be stressful. That’s why you can invite all the caregivers you like with instant access. Revoking access from a caregiver is also as easy as inviting. You have full control.

• Log unlimited number of activities and real-time synchronization
Whether you or one of your caregivers logged an activity – the information will be synchronized immediately between your devices. Notifications will notify you as soon as an activity is logged by other caregivers.

All activities allow to add notes for extra details.

• Feed Tracking
Choose how you will feed your baby (breast vs bottle). Track how long your nursing sessions are and the time between the feeds. Perfect for both feeding on demand and schedules. Once baby grows record solids and details of what type of food was eaten.

• Pump Tracking
Keep a log of how much you breast pump and which side was most recently used.

• Sleep Tracking
Record your baby's day time and night time sleeping patterns. Ideal for establishing and sticking to your baby’s sleeping routines.

• Diaper Tracking
Record your baby's wet or dirty diapers and even the size. Add notes when your baby uses a diaper or a potty once you start toilet-training.

• Baby Growth Tracking
Monitor your baby’s growth by tracking height, weight gains and head size on charts developed by World Health Organization (WHO) Child Growth Standards.

• Daily Activity Timeline
What has your baby been up to today? And what about yesterday? Get a map out of your baby’s routine in a calendar.

• Detailed stats and graphs
The stats in each section will help paint the full picture of your baby’s development. Track the weekly progression of all activities enabling you to compare averages and trends (up- and downtrends).

Are you ready to become super charged? Download now and focus on what really matters!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What can I track with Baby Tracker Daybook?

You can track activities such as feeding, sleep, diapers, pumping, and baby growth.

Can I invite multiple caregivers to use the app?

Yes, you can invite unlimited caregivers to help track your baby's activities.

Is there real-time synchronization between devices?

Yes, all activities logged by you or your caregivers will be immediately synchronized between devices.

Can I track the duration and frequency of breastfeeding?

Yes, you can track the duration of nursing sessions and the time between feeds for both breast and bottle feeding.

Can I track my baby's sleeping patterns?

Yes, you can track your baby's day time and night time sleeping patterns to establish routines.

Is there a diaper tracking feature?

Yes, you can record your baby's wet or dirty diapers and even add notes for toilet training.

Can I monitor my baby's growth?

Yes, you can track your baby's height, weight gains, and head size on charts developed by WHO.

Are there detailed stats and graphs available?

Yes, you can view detailed stats and graphs to track your baby's development trends and averages.