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About The SU Global Community

The SU Global Community connects individuals who want to understand and explore current and future technologies to improve human lives and all aspects of society.

Individuals from around the world with diverse backgrounds and experience, come together to learn from experts and share ideas with members. SU Global Community members are curious, creative, and courageous. They want to leverage new skills, perspectives, insights, and connections to positively impact their industries, companies, governments, local communities, and families.

Since SU's founding over a decade ago, more than 300,000 people have engaged with ideas, experts, partners, chapter members, and alumni via global and local programs created or curated by SU. This globally-diverse and committed community is now online here!

By joining the SU Global Community, you can:

+ Grow your network by connecting with interesting people who represent a wide range of backgrounds, perspectives, expertise, geographies, and job functions.
+ Expand your thinking through informative content about the technologies and tools shaping the future to reinvent your organization, teach your students, change careers, or launch an impact startup.
+ Exchange ideas and potential solutions for addressing local and global challenges like food insecurity, workforce automation, global pandemics, and more.
+ Be inspired by other purpose-driven individuals who care about creating a better, more equitable world for all.

Within the SU Global Community, you can:

+ Discuss - Join thought-provoking conversations with other SU community members across organizations, governments, startups, regions, and topics.
+ Connect - Send direct messages and start conversations with other community members.
+ Contribute - Participate in group discussions and debates about hot-button topics in technology, science, digital transformation, global impact challenges, entrepreneurship, leadership, and more.
+ Learn - Stay up to date with the latest news and insights about technology, science, and the future.
+ Engage - Be the first to know about exciting SU events and activities around the world.

Members of the SU Global Community are coming together to explore:

Technology & Science Topics Like:

+ Artificial intelligence
+ Synthetic Biology
+ NeuroScience
+ Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality
+ Blockchain
+ Drones

Global Challenge Topics Like:

+ Access to Energy & Water
+ Health & Wellbeing
+ Education & Learning
+ Gender Equality
+ Economics and Poverty
+ Climate Action
+ Sustainable Cities & Communities

Singularity University (SU) is a global, digital Community and Content platform. Our community shares the belief that rapidly-changing technologies can be powerful tools in improving human lives. Through our community and content, we inspire, educate, and connect members to better understand the potential of these technologies to positively impact all aspects of society. Members can access digital learning experiences, expert and practitioner insights, future-focused narratives, and a diverse global network of individuals, companies, and governments who are like-minded in wanting to create a better future for all.

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Jeffrey Watson
I love the SU Global Community because it's like no other App! I feel like I am in college with people I can exchange my ideas with and who share their knowledge with me!
Paz De Los Santos
The app works great, but what matters is what's going on inside with the amazing community, the content and the fantastic events one could only hope to find by accident if it weren't because of SingularityU....
Federico Heller