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About My Precious - Home inventory

My Precious helps you nicely organize your home stuff, carefully store and easily find forgotten things. You no longer need to remember where your "precious" things are stored. Save your memory for more important moments! (by "precious" we mean that you really need the item right now, but you forgot where its location is).

For example: if you forgot where the tool is, without which you cannot unscrew the special nut. Or have you forgotten what to wear for the upcoming weather season.

Features that await you with My Precious:

• Quick addition of an object (house, room) or things and descriptions to them;
• Convenient addition of structure by type (house -> room -> closet -> box -> object);
• Attach an image to an element, or leave it without an image;
• Favorite items in quick access.

• Cloud sync included for free and forever (you can restore progress on a new device);
• Full offline access to the database of items - it is not necessary to always be online;
• Image compression, which allows you to store more precious elements in the cloud.

• Full text search for all objects;
• View the full path to the found item.

• The path to the element is fully displayed on top, in circles stylized according to the type;
• Cozy design for pleasant use.

• QR-scanner to search for an object by printed code;
• Create multiple items at once from photo gallery.

Adding your own things seems like an impossible task, because there are so many things at home. But it's like a book: if you read 5 pages a day, then in the end it will be read. Add 3-5 items a day and later you will be proud of your result.

Relocation. After taking inventory, it is much easier to sort things out after the move. After all, it is impossible to keep in mind where a toothbrush or a T-shirt lies among a pile of boxes.

You will also help our beloved nature to stay cleaner if you find the forgotten thing in the app and don't buy too much. Together, let's make life better every day!

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