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About Matrixport

Matrixport aims to create the next generation digital service platform. Our vision is to enable a more open and equal digital system using blockchain technologies.

Founded in February 2019, Matrixport is headquartered in Singapore with offices worldwide. Matrixport is your gateway to the digital economy where you can trade, invest and grow your wealth all in one stop.

> App Features:

* Investment: Currently we are offering Dual Currency Product, the first-of-its-kind in the crypto world. You can enjoy high double-digit annualized return and grow your wealth, regardless of market volatility.
* Wallet: Diverse kinds of crypto wallets are supported and we provide industry-level security. Assets are stored using multi-sig mechanism and bank-grade vaults to ensure your account security.
* Trading: We provide speedy digital assets trading services, and you can easily convert one currency into any other. We provide advantageous price and with one single click, you get the deal done.

> What is Dual Currency Product?

* Higher Return
Annualized yield could be as high as 100%
* Transparency
The payoff calculation methodology is fully transparent. Your return is determined by your judgement of the market.
* Flexibility
We offer a wide range of product selections in terms of duration and yield – conservative, aggressive or somewhere in the middle – it’s all up to you.
* Customizable Risk
A variety of investment plans with different levels of risk and return.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Matrixport?

Matrixport is a digital service platform that aims to create a more open and equal digital system using blockchain technologies.

When was Matrixport founded and where is it headquartered?

Matrixport was founded in February 2019 and is headquartered in Singapore with offices worldwide.

What features does the Matrixport app offer?

The Matrixport app offers investment options, diverse crypto wallets with industry-level security, and speedy digital assets trading services.

What is the Dual Currency Product offered by Matrixport?

The Dual Currency Product is the first-of-its-kind in the crypto world and offers high double-digit annualized returns, regardless of market volatility.

What are the benefits of the Dual Currency Product?

The Dual Currency Product offers higher returns, transparency in payoff calculation, flexibility in product selection, and customizable risk levels.

How can I trade on Matrixport?

Trading on Matrixport is quick and easy. You can convert one currency into another with advantageous prices and a simple one-click process.

How does Matrixport ensure the security of my assets?

Matrixport uses multi-sig mechanism and bank-grade vaults to store assets, ensuring high security for your account.

Can I choose my own investment plans on Matrixport?

Yes, Matrixport offers a variety of investment plans with different levels of risk and return, allowing you to customize your investment strategy.
Awesome Experience Using This App... Very Robust Platform, Highly Recommended. Great Work Guys.
Ritchard Robert
Good selection of investment products, easy to use UI.
Kenneth Hung
Love this app!
Just love dis platform
Isaac Kalous
Great 🤙
Maphumulo Sabelo
It provides many different products with high APY. Pretty impressive 👍
Roger C