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About Chrono List - Interval Timer

Chrono List is simple and beautiful manager for all your different interval timers. It is the perfect app for Circuit training, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Tabata, Boxing and other workouts. It can also be used as a meditation or yoga timer, studying and work/rest timer.

Interval Timer features:

Android Wear Support: Use all your interval timers from your watch.

No ads: Chrono List is completely free and without advertisements.

Runs in Background: minimising the app will keep the interval timer running.

Easy to use: setting up a new interval timer only takes a few seconds.

Customizable: choose the color scheme you want.

Learns over time: Chrono List remembers all the intervals you have entered, so creating an interval timer is faster each time.

Text-to-Speech support: your device can coach you by speaking interval names and other interval changes.

Backup and share: Export interval timers to a file which you can send to other devices.

Play music in the background: sound alerts will only interrupt your music when necessary.

This is a great app. Would be better if could individualise a little more and have other options for sounds and alerts. Like the text to speech feature but would like other options. Still a great app though.
Noelle Collings
Hello Mark, I used Chrono List for years, it is a great solution. I was wondering whether the app could be enhanced by adding hours to the countdown clock, I would like a reminder every 2 to 3 hours
Jose D.
Good app. I need a version port for SmartTV (with androidTV) please. THANKS YOU 🥳🥳
Miguel Belmar Pérez