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About Weenect - GPS

An app that enables you to localise and configure Weenect GPS trackers

With Weenect, everything is unlimited:
*No limit to the number of positions viewed and checked
*No limit to the number of users using the same account: you can have multiple people monitoring your trackers
*No limit to the number of trackers on the same account: you can monitor all your trackers from the same interface
*No distance limit: you can be located in London and the tracker in New York (works in more than 100 countries as standard, with no additional cost involved)

All alerts are sent via push notifications (in the app), email and SMS (as an option)

This app is intended only for parental monitoring use or for tracking your pets/domestic animals Please note that by using the app you agree not to track any adult without their consent

To find out more, please visit

Works well 👍
Patrick Sear
An excellent app to keep track of wandering dogs
Mark Hodgetts