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About Hamster Brick Breaker

Hamster Break is a brick breaker also known as breakout game where you use your little hamsters as balls to get to the food blocks and feed those hungry hamsters. Once the level is cleaned from all that food, you get to the next level etc. An infinite world of adventure opens up with awesome features for each and every world.

Collect hamsters and make them fly to grab their food.

Just looking at them makes your heart melt. Hamster Break is a relaxing game but challenging as well with a deep story you'll discover.

Indeed those cute hamsters live in a dangerous situation where aliens are invading and kidnapping some of them. What would you do if you were a daddy hamster seeing your baby hamster being kidnapped by an alien?

You would just run to save him and do whatever you can to save the world right?

That's what we thought so in Hamster Break you're given the keys to save the hamster world. How exciting!

It's an easy and fun brick breakout game but those who enjoy some challenge and a bit more difficulty will discover an Hardcore mode

Play with your friends and help them get more rewards and more energy to play and go further in their adventure.

Get daily rewards by just going to see your hamsters. Use super powers and power ups during your games if you need.

Discover special hamsters with incredible superpowers, like fire hamster able to melt the ice in world 2, metallic hamster able to break bricks, bear hamster eating flowers and honey from world 3, lightning hamster enlighting your way through world 4...

Collect Hamsters from the classic collection, the hardcore one or the exclusive one. Catch them all

We can't wait to see you enjoy our indie free game and will do our best to improve it each and every day.

A game crafted for those who love animals and enjoy mobile game experiences with an addictive gameplay, a lovely story and cute hamsters

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Winner-Winner,This Game Is fantastic, absolutely LOVE IT.😃😃😃😃❤️❤️Thanks.
michael bertsch
Fastest game and enjoyable. Thanks for Hamster Break game releasing to us.. Thank you
Anisur Rahman Ashik
Fantastic playing Hamster Break games. I like the music of this game very much.
Yeasin Rock
C'est mignon et coloré :)
Dimitri Kouliche
Really fun, and funny with hamsters as the balls used to smash the bricks. Powerups add another level of enjoyment.