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About FaceLab Photo Editor: Oldify, Zombify, Gender Swap

FaceLab photo editor is the best age changer free and gender swap app with easy to use amazing old face filters. Age progression app makes you look older or younger instantly with the face aging effect. When you are curious about your look in the future, oldify yourself with aging filter in one tap. You can even toonify yourself with the funny cartoon face filters. All kinds of fun face swap is offered by FaceLab, zombify photos now to become a zombie.

FaceLab also comes up with fabulous gender changer where you can gender swap and take a pretty pic as an opposite sex. AI face editor has many filters for pictures to create hilarious memes and to surprise your friends. Face app lets you montage brilliant pics with photo collage maker to show before and after versions. Share your stunning photo collage on Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat, TikTok, VK and Pinterest to get so many likes.

👵 Amazing Face Aging Effect:
FaceLab offers epic photo filters to oldify you! Make me old feature turns you into a cute old man or an elderly woman just in seconds. First choose a pretty picture from your photo lab or snap selfie using FaceLab selfie camera. Resize your picture and adjust it’s size so no crop needed. Discover how you’ll get old in the future without aging in the real life. Magic face aging effect is like a fortune teller and offers perfect face aging prediction.

🧟 Zombie Photo Editor:
Face swap to become a zombie! Zombify photos instantly and share on social media to scare your friends. You’ll love the make me zombie tool! Special zombie photo editing tools are waiting for you.

Cartoon Yourself:
Cartoon photo editor offers many funny cartoon face filters. Toonify photos with hilarious cartoon effects to see yourself as a toon or an avatar.

Gender Changer:
Face editor provides marvellous gender swap filter so you can look like an opposite sex just in seconds! It is hilarious to see yourself as a man or woman. Magic face app provides the most accurate results to switch gender and getting old.

👶 Face Filter to Get Young:
With FaceLab you can get younger as much as you want. Throwback to 18 anytime to get rid of your wrinkles and to have a smooth skin. Young camera makes you look fresh and flawless.

Photo Collage Maker:
After applying astounding aging face filters and gender swap; montage your stunning pictures in one special post to create hilarious memes and Instagram posts.

AI Face Editor:
This is the best old age face app to retouch selfies, promises Photoshop effect just in seconds. FaceLab photo editor makes you look older or younger, for impressive selfies. Become a zombie in one tap, thanks to zombie filters!

🤳 Selfie Camera Effects:
Snap selfie to see the fun filters directly on your face thanks to AI technology! Getting old and young is so easy with the face camera effects. Face swap with your friends and take a beautiful picture with the funny aging filter. Changing your gender is so fast with fun gender swap effect now!

Oil Painting Filter:
Convert your selfie into an art piece to impress your friends. FaceLab offers superb art filters for pictures. Face swap and make your picture look like a painting thanks to oil painting filters.

Cool Beard Effect:
If you can’t grow a beard and moustache, cool beard effect by FaceLab picture editor is just for you. Get the look you want with breath taking filters for pictures of staggering beard app. You don’t need any other photo editing apps if you have FaceLab face editor. This the best beard app ever!

FaceLab photo editor is the best neural face editing app powered by AI, comes up with age changer, zombify me tool and many old face filters. You can get old, convert photo to cartoon and change gender anytime with the old man filters and aging filter. Share your awesome aged picture on Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Tik Tok, VK, Tumblr, Flickr and Twitter!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is FaceLab photo editor?

FaceLab photo editor is an app that allows you to change your age, swap genders, and apply various filters to your photos.

How does the age progression feature work?

The age progression feature in FaceLab photo editor applies a face aging effect to your photos, making you look older or younger instantly.

Can I swap my gender using FaceLab photo editor?

Yes, FaceLab photo editor provides a gender swap filter that allows you to see yourself as the opposite sex with just one tap.

What other fun face filters does FaceLab offer?

FaceLab offers a variety of face filters, including the ability to zombify your photos and cartoonify yourself with funny cartoon effects.

Can I create photo collages with FaceLab photo editor?

Yes, FaceLab photo editor has a photo collage maker feature that allows you to create stunning collages with your before and after photos.

Which social media platforms can I share my edited photos on?

You can share your edited photos on Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat, TikTok, VK, and Pinterest to get likes and comments from your friends.

How does the face aging effect work?

The face aging effect in FaceLab photo editor uses AI technology to predict how you will look in the future without actually aging in real life.

Can I zombify my photos using FaceLab?

Yes, FaceLab photo editor provides special zombie photo editing tools that allow you to instantly transform yourself into a zombie.

What other effects can I apply to my photos?

In addition to the age progression and gender swap effects, FaceLab also offers an oil painting filter and a cool beard effect for your photos.

Can I retouch my selfies with FaceLab photo editor?

Yes, FaceLab photo editor is the best old age face app for retouching selfies, allowing you to achieve impressive results in seconds.
This app is the best I've seen so far! It has the best oldify features:) Love it simply. Be sure to have fun with it :) Epic editor!!!
Can Ozkan
Amir mohhamad Montazam
Best face editor so far. I had fun with oldify and zombify effects
Dogukan Dag
تکتم صالحی