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About Lutron Connect-RadioRA2 + HWQS

Control your home's lights, shades, temperature, keypads, and more with your Android handset and tablet.

This app requires a Lutron total home control system (RadioRA® 2 or HomeWorks® QS) programmed using the appropriate version of design and programming software along with the Lutron Connect Bridge.*


Control from anywhere
Control lights, shades, temperature, keypads, and more in the comfort of your home or from anywhere in the world – the office, the airport, the beach – set your home to a comfortable temperature when returning from a trip, ensure lights aren't left on and shades aren't left open while you're away.

Personalize your keypad buttons
Add, edit, and remove button settings on your own. Make temporary adjustments for special occasions, or permanent changes to match your preferences.

Right on schedule
Schedule scenes to happen automatically at set times of day, or based on sunrise and sunset. Turn on your porch light at dusk, turn it off at dawn, or open your shades in the morning to wake up with the sun.

Receive a notification if you’ve left the lights on after leaving home, then turn them off right from your Widget (Phone only).

Low Battery
Receive low battery indications for battery-powered shades, Pico wireless controls, and Radio Powr Savr sensors to know when it's time to replace the batteries.

Set your favorite scenes from your home screen using a Widget. No need to launch the app (Phone only).

World Class Support
Lutron remains committed to providing you with world class quality and service.
Contact us at our 24/7 hotline (800.523.9466).

* Design and programming software is available only to qualified installers and is required for initial setup of this application. This application is only compatible with RadioRA 2 (10.0+) and HomeWorks QS (10.0+) and requires the Lutron Connect Bridge. Contact your Lutron dealer for more information.

When using Arriving/Leaving options (geofencing), your device's battery optimization settings may prevent the app from connecting to your system when the screen is off. The app will help you resolve this automatically, or you can go to Android Settings > Battery > Battery optimization, then under "All apps" set Lutron to "Don't optimize".

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Great app. But again , you are missing the pincode or fingerprint. For security reasons , I don't want anyone who see my phone access my private home ! PLEASE !!!!!!
Itai Shemesh
Loss of HVAC running information needs to be fixed ASAP. New design is good overall but losing the ability to tell which HVAC zones are calling for heating or cooling is hopefully a bug that's going to be fi...
Derek Kozacko
Recently lost the ability to see all the devices that were on, now have to go to each device to check status. Very annoying. This started happening with a recent update .
Eric Einstein
Around a week or two ago, the app doesn't display device state, like lights that are on. Also, the documentation offers many opportunities for improvement. Thanks! Update: I can wait a week, and will email s...
Craig Newmark
This app makes it easy to control our lights. We have it installed on our phones, however I can't get it to connect to our system on my Samsung s2 tablet which is running version 7.0 . All is working well. T...
Pam Klowak
Works great and is easy to use. Needs Connect Bridge to function.
Steve M.