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About Love Widget: Counter & Memory

❥Do you want to keep track of your love journey? Have you ever been upset when you forgot your anniversaries or disappointed when your lover forgot them? Stop being worried about them, our app "Love Widget: Counter & Memory" will help you to remind them every second and everywhere as long as you want!

❥Let's discover what can our app "Love Widget: Counter & Memory" help you with!

📅Love Counter

Count days in love Fill the date when your relationship began, and our app will help you to count the days in love. Moreover, this feature in "Love Widget: Counter & Memory" can also allow you to celebrate milestones from the day you first met to anniversaries and special moments by Love Widget in app! You can add a Love counter widget to your home screen and see it whenever you open your phone! So that you don't have to be worried about your missing anniversaries.

💕Memories and Special Moments

You can add your special moments and memories in these features. "Love Widget: Counter & Memory" can store them for you and you can create them in awesome pictures and share them on your social media. All your friends and family will say WOW about your anniversary letter! You can unlimited input your pictures, name of anniversary and the date when your anniversary will be held!

🔮Love Widget DIY

Have you ever been worried about long distance relationships? Our DIY widget can help you to interact with your lover every second, know your detailed distance everywhere the two of you arrive. Moreover, "Love Widget: Counter & Memory" provides different styles of themes and widget materials, such as fresh, sci-fi, landscape, cute, 2000+ styles for free!


Countdown the remaining day to your anniversaries! Add a widget for this countdown event to the home screen! You can never forget any anniversaries! Our app "Love Widget: Counter & Memory" will help you to become the best partner in your relationship.

⭐Truth or Dare

You just also need to fill your names and spin the wheel, choose Truth or Dare and our app will prepare for you the questions and things to do!

🌟Spin Couple Wheel

Don’t know what to eat, what to do on weekends, what country to travel to? Just spin the wheel and you and your lover can have so many fun and unforgettable memories! Love Quiz Answer 10 quizzes we provide for you to test Who loves more in your relationship! And many templates love quizzes for you to download and upload to social media stories and see how many others admire your relationship.

❥In short, all the things that couples need is in "Love Widget: Counter & Memory ''.

Download and Have unforgettable moments with your lover right now!

❣ Support us!

Our company always seek to improve our apps, so any thoughts are welcome via the feedback form in app’s setting.Through our app, we empower you to make your phone as awesome as you.😎

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