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About Duck Warfare

The GÜSCO (pronounced goose-co) corporation is trying to take your park! Join forces with over 20 ducks and fight for your home in the quackiest game ever!

• Simple controls for anyone to pick up and play
• 24 ducks to unlock and fight with, each with unique attacks and animations
• 5 Areas with 40 different unique enemies
• Playful cartoon graphics
• 5 viewmaster-style comics
• Easy to learn, but hard enough for less casual players to enjoy
• Achievements
• No In App-Purchases!
• No Ads!

I played this ages ago,and it's fun,if you want to kill time then I recommend this game,it's just sad that they're not updating this game=<,but overall the game is good,you won't regret playing this game,I a...
Richmond Cabarles
Absolutely Amazing. I loved this game. The story was fun but a little short. And getting all gold stars was a little challenging, but it was fun nonetheless. Amazing game 5/5 stars(gold)
Mackdaddy 022008
its well done made it has a good story fun bosses and you know DUCKS. I wish you guys can make a part 2 someday
karl petersen