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About LOBAK - Back Pain Diagnosis

Do you suffer from back or leg pain and are in need of a diagnosis? LOBAK is a system based on the knowledge and experience of neurosurgeon W. Robert Hudgins, M.D.m, that helps you determine the cause of your lower back pain and what to do about it. Finally, you can have access to an expert in spine problems with the tap of a button. Just answer some questions about your lower back and/or leg pain, do some simple tests on yourself as illustrated and you’ll learn the most likely cause of your pain and what to do next.

LOBAK Features

To receive a scientific diagnosis, use this app to answer a series of simple history questions about your back pain, and conduct some in-home examinations with photo and video guides. Full descriptions and explanations are available throughout the app to help you understand terms or conditions you may not be familiar with. Once you complete a diagnosis, you can SAVE your results to review later, or share them with a trusted medical professional or back pain specialist.

How LOBAK works

LOBAK uses a unique classification system created by neurosurgeon Hudgins to tell you the odds that you have a lumbar disk protrusion (ruptured, herniated or extruded disk or disc, also called a herniated nucleus pulposus or HNP) and if you haven’t already had an imaging study (CT, MRI, or Myelogram), which imaging study would be best for you to get. It then computes the predictive value of a positive or negative test result, in percent, of a disk protrusion, using Bayes’ theorem of conditional probability. The app then uses decision analysis to tell you if you should consider having surgery.

LOBAK can warn you when it’s urgent to see your doctor. It can detect many other causes of back pain, from simple lumbar sprain, to spinal tumor or fracture, spinal stenosis causing difficulty walking, infection, arthritis, and spondylolisthesis, and refer you to this website for further recommendations.

About Dr. Hudgins

Dr. Hudgins is a Board Certified neurosurgeon now retired from practice. In 1970 Dr. Hudgins published results of his two-year clinical evaluation of several hundred patients hospitalized with low back pain and he then introduced the use of calculating the predictive value (PV) from 10-90%, of myelography in diagnosing a disc protrusion in the lower back. The development of imaging scans and personal computing allowed him to upgrade that study to a computer program that included CT and MRI scans and could do the math calculations automatically. This program, called LOBAK, was accepted for presentation at a Symposium on Artificial Intelligence at the National Computer Conference in 1981.

Additional Information

LOBAK does NOT collect or share any personal information. LOBAK only makes suggestions for a physician’s consideration. A doctor’s clinical judgment should always supercede CMD. Furthermore, in many lumbar disc cases the problem is mainly pain and the patient has the right to choose a treatment or no treatment at all, particularly when surgery is recommended. It is recommended that you only share diagnostic results with trusted medical professionals.

We hope you enjoy using the LOBAK system, and are able to use it to find relief for your back or leg pain soon.

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Developed by Winnona Partners, LLC

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