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About Wooltasia®

An useful app, which aims to make it easier for you to crochet, knit, stitch, paint motifs / graphghans.

With Wooltasia you can quickly convert your own designs and images to a template for graphghan. So nothing to be desired, there is already a clear list with different formats such as pillows, blankets or small motifs in different sizes.

Choose one of your photos stored on the device or motives and cutting it in the correct aspect ratio to your desired format.

Different filters make it also possible to customize your color motif so that it pleases you and help you to choose the colors so that you have to buy as little as possible different wool colors while the picture still looks good.

Your project's progress will be saved automatically as you check the stitches you've already made. You can also see your progress with a bunch of other useful information in the project summary

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Wooltasia®?

Wooltasia is an app designed to assist with crocheting, knitting, stitching, and creating motifs/graphghans.

What can I do with Wooltasia?

With Wooltasia, you can convert your own designs and images into templates for graphghans. Additionally, the app offers a range of different formats, such as pillows, blankets, and small motifs in various sizes.

How can I create a template for a graphghan?

Simply choose a photo or motif from your device and adjust it to the desired format by selecting the correct aspect ratio.

Can I customize the colors of my motif?

Yes, Wooltasia provides different filters that allow you to customize the color of your motif. This helps you choose colors that you already have or minimizes the need to purchase a large variety of different wool colors.

Will my project's progress be saved?

Yes, Wooltasia automatically saves your project's progress as you check the stitches you've already made. You can also view your progress and access other useful information through the project summary.
Where has this app been all my life? The only thing I'm a bit miffed about is you can't link two apps. I download this on my phone... Instantly fell in love.. Purchased the c2c add on.. But now need to do th...
Emma Powell
good app
Michelle Mombrun
love it :) works great for what I need
TRM 903_street_beasts
Best app ever
Jolie Mote
Almost perfect but this app is so great it still deserves 5 stars! the only issues i have is trying to get the colors to match my picture which can be time consuming also if somehow you and microrevolts knit...
the gamingbolt77
I love the app is exactly what I was looking for. I would like to be able to add my own colours of yarn to the proyect but overall works very well :)
Fer Alvarez