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About Pocket Crochet

Pocket Crochet is an crochet app to keep track of all your projects wherever you go. Add projects and all the important details. Sleek and modern look and feel. We will keep improving the app, so if you have ideas or improvements, drop us a line!

- Add multiple rowcounters to a project
- Import a pattern pdf or an image
- App remembers your last peek at the pattern
- Add pictures and reference photos to a project
- Add your yarn of choice
- Archive projects when needed
- Multiple languages supported

Special thanks:
- Added French language with the help of Clémentine: merci beaucoup
- Added German language with the help of Judith: Vielen Dank
- Added Spanish language with the help of Josefa: muchas gracias
- Added Japanese language with the help of Yoko: どうもありがとうございました
- Added Icelandic language with the help of Fanney: þakka þér kærlega fyrir
- Added Estonian language with the help of Minu: tänan teid väga

Are you missing your language? Send us an email @ [email protected]

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Pocket Crochet?

Pocket Crochet is a crochet app that allows you to keep track of all your projects on the go.

What features does Pocket Crochet have?

Pocket Crochet allows you to add multiple row counters to a project, import pattern PDFs or images, remembers your last peek at the pattern, add pictures and reference photos to a project, add your yarn of choice, archive projects when needed, and supports multiple languages.

Can I suggest ideas or improvements for Pocket Crochet?

Yes, you can drop us a line with your ideas or improvements for Pocket Crochet.

Is Pocket Crochet available in multiple languages?

Yes, Pocket Crochet supports multiple languages including French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Icelandic, and Estonian.

How can I request Pocket Crochet in my language?

If you're missing your language, you can send us an email at [email protected] to request it.
Het is een heel duidelijke App en er zijn veel mogelijkheden!
Marielle Vriends
Great app, super easy to use You can import pdfs, images or include a link to bring you to the website and also have row counter which is helpful
ying x
Brilliant app , now I have all my patterns and project details in one place . The stitch counter is the cherry on the cake !
Kara Hoban
Love this app. How do I download app on my laptop and sync computer and phone? Then I can update on my laptop but have information available on-the-go!
Deb Sizemore
I've been looking for an app to keep track of my crochet projects. This app has everything I need! Thank you
donna price
Very good app. Easy to use. Very user friendly. Very straight forward. Can count rows, take photos, track how long you have been working on the project. Love it. I regret not using it before this.
Christina Holls