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About Violy 🎻Smart Music Classroom 🎼

Currently supported music instruments:
French Horn;
Vocal Accompaniment.

With Violy, you can have:
A live stream classroom specially designed for music education;
A smart audience who scores on pitch and rhythm;
A professional piano accompanist who can play at any tempo and volume;
A music homework tracker that allows teachers to comment on your music homework;
A complete control over thousands of classical and pop sheet music and backing tracks, including tempo, volume, and all kinds of musical notation;
A Simple tuner and metronome;
A practice album of your musical memory.

Violy is a smart app that connects music educators, instrument learners, and music friends. It's a smart music classroom, allowing music students to practice anytime anywhere, and allowing music teachers to start music class online and track music homework.

Practice your favourite music accompanied by high-quality tracks made by professional musicians.
Violy accompaniment feature offers music students, beginners, professional musicians with full control over thousands of classical and pop sheet music and backing tracks, including tempo, volume, and all kinds of musical notation.

Violy app makes it easier for music teachers, learners, and all-level musicians to practice their music instruments. It listens and auditions your music practice! At the end, Violy provides audition results and scores on each note.

Have 7-day premium gifts for FREE.
Most of features are freely available to every Violy user, including Audition and Note-by-note.
Join Violy events to win more premium gifts!

Practice Violy, it makes music instrument practice easier.

Enter Violy app and search the sheet music to practice. Click to enter the "Audition". It provides instant pitch and rhythm feedback on music instrument practice.
Smart Start: play open strings 1/2/3/4 (i.e. EADG for violin) in turn, and start an "Audition".
Note-by-note: Violy recognizes your performance, meanwhile, the cursor on the sheet will catch up with the music notes have been played.
At the end of an "Audition", Violy scores on intonation and rhythm, and outputs the result.

Smart Start: Check the instrument tuning to start an "Audition".
Music following: During the "Audition" practice, the cursor follows the music, and automatically moves to the next note.
Auto Stop: If you want to stop the practice, just stop playing.
Sectional Practice: to start playing at particular music bars, just click on the sheet music to set a start point and select the repeating section to practice.
Repeat Signs: Repeat Signs are well supported and can be turned on/off.
Polyphony: the app follows multiple parts on the sheet music, and indicates the off-set of each note. Backing track of Piano Accompaniments is also supported.

Practice Modes:
Audition: Violy App listens to your music performance and scores on your instrumental skills.
Note-by-note: Under this mode, you play the note where the cursor is. If your pitch is correct, the cursor will go to the next note, otherwise the cursor will stay. This mode is for the users who are not familiar with the music.

Backing Track: Play along with Piano and other instrument accompaniments is also supported.

Violy Sheet Music:
Digital sheet music from original music books/syllabus.
Music uploading function (Creator Studio) has been released, visit for more.

Practice stats:
Audition trends and homework list for the teachers;
Detailed intonation and rhythm stats, pitch offset for every single note.

Classroo for teachers:
Create groups to manage students.
Check practice timeline and the detailed result of each practice: scores, trends, and details.

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“Without music, life would be a mistake.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche

Super awesome
anitha vishnu poem world and ammus art world
I enjoy practicing with this app. I'm a self study student and it helps me a lot, even tho I'm not a premium member. I'm definitely gonna be one🙌
ZAHRA Mousavi
Guitar Hero but for beginner violinist! (Or expert level players) I just starting learning how to play and picked up this app and downloaded a music book for free aimed for total beginners. My struggle is le...
Shawn White