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About Run An Empire

NEW! A fun, free motivation to move further! Capture real world places and compete against neighbors with every step you take.

Whether walking to your workplace or running a marathon, capture the places you move through to build a formidable empire. Explore further to collect resources and earn great fortunes. Lead your people from the dawn of time to the Space Age.

“Don a pair of sneakers and run (jog, or walk) to victory” Engadget

“If you’re getting bored of your run-commute, try this” Runner’s World

“If you’re partial to a mobile game and want to ease your way into training more and logging your progress, this could be for you.” Men’s Running

“Run An Empire’ fits into existing exercise routines, whilst giving new runners an incentive to get started” Variety

CAPTURE and own your street, your neighborhood or your city as you travel on foot or now by BIKE!

TRACK and map your activity from your pocket, using your phone’s GPS.

BATTLE neighbors and friends to capture nearby castles.

Get STATS like distance, calories, speed and see your performance improve.

CUSTOMIZE your banner to fly over your mighty empire.

Connect with STRAVA and leave your phone at home.

It's time to turn your activity into an adventure. Play NOW!

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Having problems? Contact us at [email protected] and we will try our best to help.


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It's a reason to get out and run or walk, plus the interactions are easy to understand and fun. It's inclusive and understanding, this is a pretty well-made game. Kudos to the devs for finding a fun way to m...
Quite fun
pritchard Adjei
Really good way to track your exercises and a good excise to get out for a run now matter the distance. Would recommend!!!!
Joshua O'Brien
Pretty fun game good for exercise
dragonball super shin
Nice game really well made congrats
Big Smoke
This is awesome, having fun battling other people in my city that I dont even know, good to get out for a bit and do something different for once
Joseph Richters