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About MagiCartoon Face

“Mirror, Mirror on the wall, tell me who is the most beautiful?” Are you more of evil queen or brave knight? How to figure it out? MagiCartoon Face is ready to help!​

√ Click to Animate: MagiCartoon Faces is so easy to get as long as you can use the go-to cartoon camera to snap. Upload photos right now to get animated portraits for your own. With special effects and various styles of animation in our gallery, your unique cartoon pictures and your curiosity can be simply satisfied!​

√ Characters for Choices: Turning yourself into your favorite figures is no longer just in your imagination, MagiCartoon Face let you discover how charming you can be! Define your own comic images by animating your sketches into colourful cartoons.​

√ AI Smart Support: Complicated or messy as the background of photos might be, MagiCartoon face can handle it well enough to refine details and perfect your portraits.​

√ Share Wherever You Are: Ding——Here is your customized animation, check it out!Post the photo as you like. With the help of Magicartoon Face, you can also design animated sketches for your families and friends. Enjoy yourselves!​

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[Contact Us] We would appreciate it a lot if you could take a moment to review Magicartoon Face on the App Store! Your rating and feedback motivate us to improve the app every day! Please feel free to contact us if you have any problems. E-mail:[email protected]
Consumer Service:+8618168869927

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