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About LEGIT APP - Get Authentication

LEGIT APP - Authentication for Collectors

Whether you are looking to resell or purchase a pre-loved item, our trained experts can help authenticate or detect replicas by reviewing your photos. All items are scanned through our Smart Database before being manually checked by at least two Authenticators to ensure the most accurate results. Our team is online round the clock so you can legit check anytime and anywhere, saving trips to the consignment store.

We currently service over 100 different brands, and are adding more to the library each day. Authenticity cards and certificates for checked items can be made available upon request.

Email: [email protected]

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is LEGIT APP?

LEGIT APP is an authentication service for collectors, offering assistance in verifying the authenticity of pre-loved items through photo reviews.

How does LEGIT APP ensure accuracy in authentication?

LEGIT APP uses a combination of advanced technology and manual checks by at least two Authenticators. Each item is first scanned through the Smart Database before being reviewed by experts to provide accurate results.

Can I use LEGIT APP at any time?

Yes, LEGIT APP's team is available round the clock online, allowing you to use their authentication service anytime and anywhere, eliminating the need to visit physical consignment stores.

Which brands does LEGIT APP currently authenticate?

LEGIT APP currently offers authentication services for over 100 different brands, and they continue to add more brands to their library regularly.

Can I request authenticity cards and certificates for checked items?

Yes, upon request, LEGIT APP can provide authenticity cards and certificates for items that have been authenticated.