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About Women Who Changed the World

How many female astronauts do you know? How about female painters? History is full of rebel warrior girls who have done incredible things. It's time to meet them.
From aviators to scientists, and artists to civil rights activists, this is a fascinating journey through history alongside the most brilliant and brave women.

With beautiful illustrations and inspiring stories, this app is the perfect introduction to some of the incredible women who have helped us to understand our world better, and to make it a better place to live in.

In this app you will discover the history of:

• Rosa Parks
• Amelia Earhart
• Marie Curie
• Jane Goodall
• Wangari Maathai
• Frida Kahlo
• Malala Yousafzai
• Valentina Tereshkova
• Svetlana Savitskaya
• Sally Ride
• Mae Jemison
• Margaret Hamilton
• Peggy Whitson
• Liu Yang
• Katherine Johnson


• Incredible stories for boys and girls.
• Full of beautiful illustrations and animations.
• NO in-app purchases
• Without third party advertising

An app designed by Gemma, illustrated by Sonia, and programmed by Laura, because girls make apps too!

Yes, we know that we left out thousands of women. They wouldn't all fit! We have chosen a few women who are emblematic due their feats, historical period, field of knowledge or place of birth. Do you think we should add someone else? Send your proposals to [email protected]


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Albert Junyent
(First Review On This App) This is a great game for kids up to 12. This teaches you a lot about famous women. Keep on making more educational apps!
TV Show The Cool One
Most beautiful, educational and culturally diverse app. My kids are grown. I downloaded it, for me!!! I used to teach, so I appreciate it's worth. Maybe expand it, with more women. There are so many awesome ...
Pia Messing