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About Learnistic

With your own professionally created & prestigiously branded $100,000+ quality mobile app… and for less than the cost of your monthly cell phone bill

+ Created by a former Navy nuclear engineer — who’s also a bestselling tech author & world famous marketing automation specialist with over 20 years experience running multiple multi-million dollar software & app development, SEO, and business/marketing coaching businesses.

+ Designed from the “ground up” to let coaches, info-marketers, podcasters, business professionals, freelancers, membership site/digital subscription offer sellers, and other solo entrepreneurs run a fully automated online business right from your phone — while getting rabid new levels of content engagement and being able to focus on your business passion each day… instead of wasting your life babysitting VAs, relying on big tech platforms hostile to small businesses, or having to employ a small village in the Philippines to run your company.

+ So simple it is literally “push button easy” to upload, distribute, share, and sell your content, courses, coaching services, and expertise right from your phone — yet is so robust at running your business behind the scenes, it is based on advanced military grade technology created by billion dollar tech company software engineers.

+ Free test drive lets you use it without spending a single penny — upload content (even a whole course!), show it off to your peers & colleagues, and see how it can grant your business a whole new level of prestige & celebrity-like status by filling it with your branding, unique personality, & hard-won expertise clients & customers love to buy from & engage with.

I'm still discovering features and learning so much from all the content. Their support team is super responsive and very helpful. I can't wait to see what gets added next!
Shane Price
As soon as my wife saw this app she wanted it for her art business as well. Why? Because the developers have put SO much thought into making it dead-simple for both the content creator and the content consum...
Fair Go
Easy and it works
Jose V. Sanchez