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About My Doumi - Virtual Pet Game

Say hello to Doumi, your new virtual pet! Get ready to play games, dress up and eat yummy snacks to help keep Doumi happy. Don't forget to let Doumi rest every day so you can watch them grow and change shape, evolving into the perfect pet!

Personalize your Doumi with a unique name before you eat, clean up and play games together to stay happy and healthy! Taking care of Doumi will help them level up and evolve. Further customize Doumi’s appearance by mixing and matching tons of cool outfits to create a unique look!

Explore the world of Doumi together and have fun with up to 4 mini-games--Falling Fruit, Tree Jumper and more! Doing well in games will earn you gold coins to unlock rewards for even more fun!

• Watch Doumi evolve & change through 50 levels
• Multiple areas to explore
• 13 different activities to enjoy
• Play together with 4 different mini-games
• Feed, wash and play with your new pet
• Find your own style with 100+ clothing items
• Earn coins and unlock rewards as you progress

My Doumi is free to download and play but contains advertisements, and optional in-app purchases which can be used to obtain virtual currency. Some items in-game may require the player be a certain level or have certain currency to purchase them.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is My Doumi?

My Doumi is a virtual pet game where you can take care of and play with your own virtual pet named Doumi.

How can I personalize my Doumi?

You can personalize your Doumi by giving them a unique name and dressing them up in different outfits.

What activities can I do with Doumi?

You can eat, clean up, and play games with Doumi to keep them happy and healthy. There are also various mini-games to play together.

How does Doumi evolve?

Doumi evolves and changes shape as you take care of them and help them level up. There are 50 levels of evolution.

Can I customize the appearance of my Doumi?

Yes, you can customize Doumi's appearance by mixing and matching different outfits. There are over 100 clothing items to choose from.

Are there any in-app purchases in My Doumi?

Yes, My Doumi offers optional in-app purchases which can be used to obtain virtual currency. Some items may require a certain level or currency to purchase.
Yes My Doumi you have a pattern you have a diamond as well
Sandra Daly
Soooooooooo cute
chelsy OMG
I loved it
Alexandra Feller
I used to play this and its really good but it takes bery long for doumi to sleep and to fish 10/10 game highly recommend it
Benimpex &Co
Sooooooooooooo cute you have to get this 😍 i ❤ the dress up area i made mine a KOALA!!!!!!!!!!!!🐨🐨🐨🐨🐨🐨🐨🐨🐨🐨
nyla zaheer