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About Lawfully USCIS Case Status Tracker

Lawfully USCIS Case Tracker provides a tool for video consultation with immigration lawyers for your legal questions. It also predicts the approval date of your US immigration or visa application, using the publicly available case status from the official USCIS website. It checks real-time status of your immigration case from the USCIS server, provides tailored matching to other users for 1:1 chatting, personalized immigration-related news, and more!

Key features:

1. A one-on-one video consultation with experienced immigration lawyers
2. Prediction of case processing time, based on our own case data and algorithms, for your individual case conditions (modeling currently available for I-129, I-129F, I-130, I-131, I-140, I-485, I-539, I-751, I-765, and N-400)
3. Match you to other users in similar situation to yours for chatting
4. Choose your own interests to receive latest immigration news relevant only to you and your immigration status.
5. Automatic status tracking of multiple cases and push notification whenever there is an update
6. Big picture Indication of current status in the whole application process specific for your case
7. Detailed description of your current status and explanation of what to do
8. Stores your case history from the US government and displays it in a single page
9. Shows up-to-date Visa Bulletin, official processing time, and PERM processing time crawled from the US government server
10. Notifies you when you are eligible for an e-Request to USCIS

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Disclaimer: Lawfully USCIS Case Status Tracker uses publicly available data provided by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and leverages cutting edge technology to track and predict the processing time as best as possible, but due to the individual variations, the results are not guaranteed. Lawfully, Inc. is not affiliated with or endorsed by any government agency and does not offer any legal advice.

The app gives so much more info and hope than the government sites. This has given my fiance and I a sigh of relief and the little more info we wanted. So far, I would highly recommend Lawfully.
Keenan Kalthoff
great app
Gezim Dhima
I like the app, but the latest version is not working very well!
Anoosh Odil