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About Toddler Princess Pop

• Designed for children ages 18 months and up
• 30 characters and over 150 pop objects
• Multitouch enabled - fast popping!

This game is ad free (contains no third party or commercial ads).

Designed for ages 18-months and up, little kids will love interacting with 30 fairy tale themed characters, including princesses, princes, knights, and dragons. Pop all sorts of falling objects, including bubbles, cookies, stars, hearts, and jewels. This game is perfect for children still learning to use touchscreens.

Designed for Kids
This game was designed to be easy for young children to play, and will only require you showing them how to play one or two rounds. This game will help your children learn basic interactivity and assist in developing their fine motor skills.

How to Play
First, your child selects a character, and then your child pops the falling objects as fast as possible! The objects start off large and slow, but as your child completes more levels, the objects get smaller and faster. Completed characters are placed in a beautiful castle setting where they can be interacted with.

30 Fairy Tale Characters
Your toddler will be able to play with up to 30 fairy tale themed characters, including princesses, princes, knights, and dragons. Each characters features voice lines and animations.

150 Pop Objects
Your kids will love having more than 150 unique objects to pop, including: bubbles, cookies, stars, hearts, jewels and more. This game is multitouch-enabled so that your little ones can use all of their little fingers (and so you can play too!).

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Very cute and I love the diverse representation of boys and girls. I just wish the home keys weren't within the playing area of the screen because we accidentally exit the app all the time.
Erin Jester
What a great game for little girls, though my little guy enjoys it too. They love organizing the characters in the castle scene.
Rebecca Cope
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