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About Lake Monster - Lake Weather & Fishing Reports

LakeMonster is an app designed to serve the fishing and recreational boating communities by providing a simple interface to find current lake conditions for thousands of lakes across the world. Each lake has its own page containing information on past and current water temperatures, weather conditions and forecasts (wind speed/direction, air temperature, pressure), and maps showing recently acquired satellite imagery, which can be used to identify ice conditions, water levels, and water color/clarity. Users are also able to provide information or ask questions on the Community Posts section which is provided on each lake page.

Use LakeMonster to:

Determine the current water temperatures for lakes in your area

Determine current and future lake conditions including air temperature, wind speed/direction, and pressure

View recent natural color satellite imagery to view water levels, ice on/off, water color, and water clarity conditions

Determine how busy lakes are for those including live video streams

Search our catalog of thousands of lakes to learn more about your favorite lakes and discover new ones near and far

Own a bait shop? Marina? Guiding Service? Waterfront Restaurant? Rental Service? Promote your local business on LakeMonster

Post information on your latest trip to the lake, or ask questions from the user community.

Add your favorite lakes to your dashboard for faster and easier access to conditions on your favorite lakes, and receive push notifications when a new water temperature, natural color image, or post has been added.

Anglers, recreational boaters, kayakers/canoers, and beachgoers all have similar lake information needs. In winter, ice anglers come to LakeMonster to watch water temperatures drop and natural color satellite images show their favorite lakes freeze over to anticipate when they can begin icefishing. In spring, open water fisherman use LakeMonster to find “ice-out” on their favorite lakes to target Northern Pike, determine when to get the boat out of storage, and watch water temperatures rise during the crucial walleye spawning season. Recreational water sport enthusiasts anxiously check LakeMonster to see water temperatures rise—and to determine when they can hang up the wetsuit for the year. During the busy summer months, LakeMonster is used by all to check water levels, temperatures, and water color and clarity conditions. Livestreaming webcams at popular lakes can help boaters determine which lake is quieter by viewing wave conditions and checking out the traffic at the boat ramp. Checking the wind speed and direction helps jet skiers and wakeboarders find the calm side of the lake. As summer turns into fall, everyone is checking LakeMonster to see which lakes are suffering from harmful algal blooms, which lake levels are dropping, and anglers are again constantly checking water temperatures—this time to see temperatures drop, sending perch and walleye into a feeding frenzy. And once again, ice anglers are anxiously waiting for those temperatures to drop down into the 30’s and keeping an eye on the natural color imagery to see when ice starts forming on their favorite lakes. Before LakeMonster, finding all of the information needed to make boating and angling decisions was a nearly impossible task for most lakes, and would require visiting multiple apps and sites to retrieve that information. You shouldn’t need a degree in data science to find this valuable information. We at LakeMonster created an easy-to-use app and website to retrieve and compile the most up-to-date information on lake conditions aimed at helping users make boating and angling decisions. Providing a single page for each lake is also great for both local businesses and potential customers, as you are able to find information on fishing guides and lodges at your destination, where to pick up bait and tackle, rent kayaks, or enjoy a post-lake day meal.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is LakeMonster?

LakeMonster is an app designed to provide current lake conditions for fishing and boating communities, including water temperatures, weather conditions, satellite imagery, and community posts.

What information does LakeMonster provide about lakes?

LakeMonster provides information on past and current water temperatures, weather conditions and forecasts, satellite imagery, and community posts about each lake.

Who can use LakeMonster?

Anglers, recreational boaters, kayakers/canoers, and beachgoers can all use LakeMonster to find information about lakes.

What can ice anglers use LakeMonster for?

Ice anglers can use LakeMonster to monitor water temperatures and satellite images to anticipate when lakes will freeze over for ice fishing.

How can open water fishermen use LakeMonster?

Open water fishermen can use LakeMonster to find "ice-out" dates, monitor water temperatures, and target specific fish species like Northern Pike and walleye.

How can recreational water sport enthusiasts benefit from LakeMonster?

Recreational water sport enthusiasts can use LakeMonster to monitor water temperatures and determine when to hang up their wetsuit for the season.

What information is available during the summer months?

During the summer, LakeMonster provides information on water levels, temperatures, water color, and clarity conditions. Livestreaming webcams are also available for checking wave conditions and boat ramp traffic.

How can boaters find the calm side of the lake?

Boaters can check wind speed and direction on LakeMonster to find the calm side of the lake.

What information is available during fall?

In fall, LakeMonster provides information on harmful algal blooms, dropping lake levels, and water temperatures for anglers targeting perch and walleye.

How can businesses promote themselves on LakeMonster?

Local businesses such as bait shops, marinas, guiding services, waterfront restaurants, and rental services can promote themselves on LakeMonster.
great information
Steve Ulibarri
kool app
Randy Jacks
Precise and quick lake specific weather information. I like how am I am able to quickly open a lake and see the weather especially pressure trends to help me know what to expect when I go fishing.
Jake Russell
Awesome app. Perfect for many applications!
Will Sanchez
great info for your boating pleasures!
Tammy Mcbee