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About Labaiik

Labaiik makes shopping for groceries convenient by directly connecting you with your favorite supermarkets in Abu Dhabi, coupled with exclusive offers. Get anything & everything you want in Abu Dhabi and get it delivered free with Labaiik!
Labaiik takes hassles away from grocery shopping and makes it a fun experience where you get to shop at unbelievable prices. Shop for monthly, weekly, or daily groceries with Labaiik without leaving your home or office. All it takes is a few taps. Hand your shopping list over to Labaiik. We’ll do the shopping for you and deliver the products free to your address!
Whether you are out of eggs or your favorite pancake mix, Labaiik can help you restock your pantry in a matter of minutes. From fresh produce to dairy, poultry, frozen, meat, dairy, baked, and canned goods to everything else in between, you now have an easier way to shop.
No need to fight traffic, hunt for a parking spot, tire yourself from aisle to aisle and suffer the long queue at the checkout. Do in minutes what usually takes hours with Labaiik.
Labaiik not only offers you the convenience of shopping from home, but it also transforms your shopping experience with the following features:
• You can enjoy exclusive offers, discounts, and surprises
• Simple and intuitive user interface makes it a breeze to use the app
• Ease of shopping from the mart down the street or from the supermarket on the other side of the city
• Pay conveniently through the many modes of payments offered, like credit or debit card and cash on delivery
• Keep an eye on your delivery, right from the moment you checkout
• Quick access to customer support for instant resolution of any issues
How Does It Work?
1. Choose the Location
Select your city and area to discover our partner stores.

2. Select the Store
Choose the partner store that you want to shop from.
3. Find Items You Want
Check for available discounts and add everything you want to your cart.

4. Checkout & Enjoy
Select your preferred payment option and checkout.
5. Track the Order
Sit back and relax. Your order is on its way!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Labaiik?

Labaiik is an online platform that connects you with your favorite supermarkets in Abu Dhabi and offers exclusive offers and discounts on grocery shopping.

How does Labaiik make grocery shopping convenient?

Labaiik allows you to shop for groceries without leaving your home or office. You can get anything you want in Abu Dhabi and have it delivered for free. It takes away the hassles of grocery shopping and offers unbelievable prices.

What products can I buy with Labaiik?

You can buy a wide range of products including fresh produce, dairy, poultry, frozen, meat, dairy, baked, and canned goods, as well as everything else in between.

What are the features of Labaiik?

Labaiik offers exclusive offers, discounts, and surprises. It has a simple and intuitive user interface, allows you to shop from various stores, offers multiple payment options, allows you to track your delivery, and provides quick access to customer support.

How does Labaiik work?

To use Labaiik, you need to choose your location, select a partner store, find the items you want and add them to your cart, checkout with your preferred payment option, and then track your order as it is delivered to you.
Very convenient app I love it
Amina Tariq
Great app for groceries shopping, easy to use and gives updates all the way through the process. 👍
Umer Ahmed Siddiqui
Good 🖒
Jim K
I have really a good experience with app and UI is too clean, well presented and user friendly.
Qashqari Mosh