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About Idle Cyber Angels

Lead the legendary Resistance! Gather unique Heroes to fight against the soldiers of the mighty Corporation!

Liberate the districts of Metacity from total control, earn money for the Resistance, complete tasks, get rewards!

- Earn money for the Resistance to fight against the Corporation.
- Take over the gun shop, the Resistance always needs fresh guns.
- Run the bar, the slum scum always needs a drink, and the Resistance needs more money!
- Use hackers to hack the Corporation's data, be aware of the movement of the soldiers!
- Take part in battles for adrenaline, defeat rivals, improve Angels, create an indestructible team!

Game features:

- Each Angel has its unique abilities in battle!

- Upgrade your Angels, make your team an incredibly strong squad!

- Use non-standard strategies to win the battle!
Match different Angels for incredible combinations. Feel the power of each unique Angel!

- Conquer new territories!

- Play and mind your own business, don't worry, Angels can’t only capture buildings but also manage them!
Get passive income that you can pick up upon your return!

- Do as you see fit, assemble a perfectly balanced team, capture buildings and entire districts. You have the right to choose which girls will fight for you!

In a world where everything is under the control of the Corporation, darkness, and violence roam - you are a bright ray of hope that will unite the strongest for a crushing victory!

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