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About Network Wi-Fi Info & SIM Tools

Get all the network related information from the device.

## Wi-Fi information (See the following details related to Wi-Fi)
1. Wi-Fi Name
2. Frequency
3. Approx. Distance
4. Bandwidth

## SIM Information (Check the following details related to SIM)
1. SIM card name
2. SIM card operator name
3. Network Type
4. Signal Strength
5. Country code
6. IPv4 & IPv6
7. MCC & MNC

## Network Information
1. Connection typ2
2. Connection Name
3. IPv4 & IPv6
4. Connection Quality
5. Transmitting & Receiving Speed
6. Max Supported Transmitting & Receiving Speed

## Permission Required
1. Location Permission - Permission is required to get connected Wi-Fi name
2. Read Phone State - Permission is used to get complete information of SIM

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What kind of network information can I get from the device?

You can get Wi-Fi information such as the Wi-Fi name, frequency, approximate distance, and bandwidth. You can also get SIM information including the SIM card name, operator name, network type, signal strength, country code, and IPv4 & IPv6. Additionally, you can access network information like the connection type, connection name, IPv4 & IPv6, connection quality, transmitting & receiving speed, and max supported transmitting & receiving speed.

Why is location permission required?

Location permission is required to retrieve the connected Wi-Fi name.

Why is read phone state permission required?

Read phone state permission is used to obtain complete information about the SIM card.
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