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About BeeCount Knitting Counter

BeeCount is designed for counting multiple parts of multiple knitting projects. Originally, I wrote it as a training exercise for learning Android programming, but as it has proven useful to some people (thanks, Ravelry testers!) I released it here. It has since been extensively re-written to improve both the UI and the data handling.

BeeCount can store multiple knitting projects. Each project can have multiple 'counts' and these may be increased, decreased or reset to zero. Projects may be edited to add or remove counts after creation.

Counts can be linked together by editing a project after it has been created, and a count can have more than one link. For example, "rows" could increment two different pattern repeats at different rates. Counts may also have multiple alerts.

BeeCount on Android will always remain free and without advertisements.

Please e-mail me with any support questions, or contact me on Ravelry. There's now a Ravelry group for discussing the use of this app:

Are you a developer? BeeCount is open source, and contributions to further development are always welcome.

Please don't use the reviews for support questions or bug reports - it's often difficult to get the information necessary to resolve the problem, and I don't always notice comments straight away. Email is a lot faster.

Love it, but it's not very intuitive, does not have any instructions. I've had to scroll through the ravelry posts when I want to find out how to use a feature. Having a simple "getting started" instruction ...
Simply beautiful. This app is clear and methodical and works well without the gimmicks of other apps. It's genuinely just fab.
Emma Jones
100% recommend this app. I've tried loads of apps and this one is absolutely the best, it's brilliant. You can keep overall row count, pattern count, increase and decrease counts all at once. Save your proje...
Sue Leonard Photography